Thursday, February 9, 2012


i dont know what it is about gray days that seem to make the day gray.  i have this problem where I am in this great class that makes me analyze my life constantly. So as im walking home from the testing center thinking about how gray the day is and how gray i feel, I start trying to figure out why I could possibly feel this way. Im not going to lie I felt a little like a crazy person trying to psychoanalyze myself on the walk home.

The thought came that "it's just one of those days" but then I thought "no, im a moral agent. I am not a victim of my emotions." crazy? right. so as I walked down the hill like a crazy person with this back and forth going on in my head, I ran into a friend. There is something about seeing a familiar face and smile that is just great. we talked. and were awkward. and then decided we weren't awkward as we yelled to each other while walking away. Instantly I felt happier. Five seconds later I saw someone who looked familiar. We stopped had the "how do I know you" moment, caught up like we were old friends, and then I continued on my way.

I had plans to help out Keri (my sister-in-law) today with Ethan, while she and her mom worked on the house. First off, Ethan got his hair cut and now looks like a little kid rather than the baby I always thought of him as. He turns two in 11 days. But more importantly there is nothing better than a little kids laugh to make the world seem perfect. As we played hide and go seek around the couch and chased each other around the house, the day seemed a little less gray.

So the moral of the story. gray days will come. life isn't always as happy as you might hope. But surround yourself with good friends and family that loves you and those gray days seem quite manageable. Even enjoyable.

other random tidbits.

it is test season folks. two test last week. two tests today. but i am happy to say that last friday I got my first perfect in the testing center. thank you family finance for making that blessed even possible. and then today I got a 94 on my moral foundations test. I hope the good luck continues on to pioneers and persecution tonight.

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