Friday, February 3, 2012

liar liar pants on fire.

i have been known to talk in my sleep. not often, but it has happen. Well folks, today I lied in my sleep. No worries it is honor week on BYU campus. My sub-conscience has no honor. I didn't wake up to my alarm today. I woke up looked at my phone and panicked when 8:00 was staring back at me. I have never gotten ready so fast in my life. 3 minutes flat. As I was rushing to brush my teeth my roommate told me she thought I had work and had tried to wake me up at 7:30. My response to her when she tried to wake me- "I get to go in late today"


i didn't get to go in late today. i dont get to go in late ever. but asleep ellie is very very tricky. and a very good liar.

other exciting news of the day:

*for the first time since coming to BYU I got a perfect score at the testing center. thank you family finance for making this event possible.

*at work I talked with a girl for close to an hour about her life and options she had. luckily it was slow so her wanting to talk wasn't a big deal. As she told me about her problems and we discussed different options, it made me think that that would be what my life would be like as a marriage and family therapist.

*we made valentine's day cards during work training. it was wonderful. i love being paid to do crafts.

*efy coordinator training is today and tomorrow. woowhoo.

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