Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Sunday. I love you.

Today was a perfect day. well maybe not perfect, but pretty close. Cali and I got ready for church early so we could go have gospel study on some steps we walk by on our way to class, which is where church is on sundays. however, starting next week we will attend different wards.Unfortunately, the steps were blocked off, but we found another place that was perfect for reading our scriptures. We had a good 20 minutes to ready and ponder before church started.

where we wanted to read.

sad it was blocked off. one day we will read on those lovely steps.

outside the museum worked perfect for gospel study.

i adore this girl. its the truth.

Church was grand, except i sat down and was just sitting which means...i fell asleep. but luckily cali  was next to me to nudge me. For sunday school we met as group and talked with the stake president about attending different wards. He was amazing and told us of how amazing the members in london are. He told the story of one woman who had joined the church a few months earlier and the bishop had given her a calling to be on a committee and she said she needed a few days. three days later the missionaries called the bishop to say she had accepted the calling and then went on to explain why she had taken so long to get back to him. She had spent those three days saying goodbye to her family and friends and talking with her employer. She had misinterpreted the bishop and had thought he had asked her to go about full time proclaiming the gospel. The fact that she was so willing to drop everything for the gospel is amazing to me and such a great example of faith. The stake president went on to say that our experience in london can change us if we allow it to. That we should use this opportunity to find out who we are and to ponder life. He was so inspiring. I loved what he said. In Relief Society we talked about personal revelation, which i also loved. The woman teaching talked about how it doesnt always come in a wave but sometimes bit by bit and sometimes not until later, and how we sometimes have to make decisions for ourselves and move forward in faith. It was grand.

after church we came home and all ate dinner, the kitchen was a mad house. The rest of the night was pretty relaxing. We emailed, talked with family, friends and fiances (well just cali, i dont have one of those) Cali, Amber, Amberly, and I went for a stroll through kensigton gardens which was a pleasant as could be. The weather was just perfect and the trees and flowers were beautiful!

Cali talking to sean. isnt she adorable, and so in love.

on out way to the park. it is just across the street. i feel so blessed to be so close. it truly is a magical place. 

we found this amazing water fountain that would build up pressure so when you first pressed it it would shoot out way far. the first time we did it it scared us soo bad. I think i screamed like a little girl. we then had to try to reenact it for the camera, but it was still just as exciting time after time. 

skipping through hyde park.

the ambers, well amber and amberly, bonding over back surgery.

i feel so blessed to be in london with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

there was then a devotional for our group that our directors put on. it was grand. we talked about how performances can change us and how thing trip can change us. We also got our ward assignments. I am going to the stratford which is about an hour away and starts at 9 30. It will make for an early morning but i am so very excited! it will be such an amazing experience and i will learn a ton.

After devotional we had biscuits aka cookies and they were delectable. we all just sat around and chatted, and i helped some people with their financial aid and refunds...gotta love working at student services. we also talked about plans for italy- ahhh i am so so excited. we talked about going to florence which i would love more than anything, but it would cost over a hundred dollars just for the train ticket. i wish i had an endless supply of money and could travel everywhere. marry for money? its a possibility.

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