Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ethan archer hall.

i adore my nephew. adore him. you know how when you are baby hungry people say- live with a baby for a weekend and you will change your mind. i want a baby. no. i want ethan. he is perfect. he is 18 months and adorable. probably one of the best behaved little kids i have ever met. but for real.

example a. we were driving back from layton after going to a crazy good sale when ethan threw up. again. he threw up on our way back from chicago. poor kid. most kids, and or myself would have freaked out and screamed. not ethan. yes he cried for a bit. but hello it was disgusting. but as soon as he got out he made a "eww mom that was gross, thanks for getting me out of there" face and was perfectly fine. amazing? yes.

ethan is a cool kid. way cool. he tries not to laugh but doesnt last long before breaking out in a smile. he also is stubborn and chooses not to talk a lot. he knows exactly what you are saying, and will do whatever you ask him to, but he wont talk. except he says poop. yep his one word is poop. amazing? yes.

sad story. ethan is sick. a lot. he is the king of colds. while I was staying at Matt and Keri's he had a sinus infection. sad right? but he loves...LOVES...his medicine. a lot. it was the cutest thing to watch him cry (for 5 seconds) when his medicine ran out.

the absolute best moment however came when he woke up crying at night. i was laying on the couch not yet asleep, so i went up to check on the little guy. when i got there i laid him back down and scratched his back and he went right back asleep. this happened a few more times, and each time i loved him more and more. it made me think of the sleepless nights i will one day have when i have a family of my own- but made me more excited than scared for those moment.

he has his goofy moments as well. the other day i stopped by to pick something up quickly and he was in his high chair eating. he got so excited and started saying ellie and just laughing. yes it melted my heart. yes im in love with an 1 1/2 year old. 

at the playground on our road trip.
pick a boo can always get a giggle or two. also what kid is that happy after being in a car seat for 15 hours.
chowin down on some goldfish.
watching bob the builder. classic. it was will's favorite when he was a kid

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