Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the fast walker vs the slow walker.

every morning around 7 30. i open my door. walk down the stairs. across the parking lot and on to school. half an hour. that is the time i give myself to get from my front door to work. 

normally while i walk i talk to my loving mother. (the last 3 years of my college career i have failed at calling. text like "are you alive" and "call me" were common occurrences) today however, she could not talk because my other sister had called at the same time- the nerve. but it allowed to me to listen to other people's of my favorite pastimes while walking.

one conversation that made me chuckle was between two girls. one commented to the other how she was walking so fast and she liked it. the other girl commented- i dont know how people dont walk fast, i just want to get where im going. they continued to talk about the fast walker. how they are focused on where they are going. 

i am not a fast walker. it might be my short legs. or the fact that currently my leg is torn up. dear timp. i love but hate you. my leg got in a fight with the glacier. the glacier won. one glacier burn later, im an invalid.

you cant really see it here. but it looks like a cheese grater went over my leg. gross. yes. 
it also might be the fact that i like taking in my surroundings. looking for people i know. chatting with my mom. enjoying the morning air. who knows. im sure my determination to get to work in the shortest time possible will increase as the temperature decreases. but as for now i will enjoy being a slow walker.


  1. That picture makes me so sad. Way to be a trooper, Ellie!

  2. Well why were you in shorts hiking Timp???? ha And since when do you have a blog?? Your cute. I feel your pain ellie.