Saturday, August 20, 2011

"fillmore" days this full and i will die

have you ever had an extremely full day. and i mean EXTREMELY full. meet my friday. it started with a wonderful walk  with the lovely keri hall. and then on to fillmore to watch a horse competition with the lovely Tambrea Allen. it was perfect and straight out of a movie with hats, belt buckles, the whole enchilada. we rode horses. i was in love. my horse was chico and the best little guy ever. well actually big guy, but hey he likes his hay. after fillmore it was back to provo for Aida with some old friends from the Colony. it was wonderful, i had never seen it before and it was well worth the 12 dollars. it made me feel like I was back in London watching a show. it had been way too long without seeing something. one line that stuck out to me was when Aida said "If you dont like your fate- change it. you are your own master." ahh so good. and the ending was perfect. absolutely perfect.

in the car the conversation went something like this.
girl 1: do you want to go get ice cream
ellie: oh i have to wake up way early to hit up a sale with my sister, so i need to get to bed
girl 2: do you want to have our late night porch talk?
ellie: oh i do, but i really need to get to bed
girl 3: ah stink i was going to ask you if you wanted to go skinny dipping
ellie: im in lets go

i probably shouldnt tell this story in such a public place. but lets be honest. i share way to much of my life all the time. but we all headed down to Mona for a very memorable night. it was absolutely perfect. i will spare details, but there was many a close call slash scary moments. a life long goal of brittany's was to go off the rope swing while we were there, and so our next feat was the rope swing. i had never gone of the rope swing before, and to have the first time be without clothing was very, very memorable. i was terrified though. no bueno. but had to go when we heard a group of boys coming. i was in the water 10 ft away from where they were standing searching for crawdads...luckily for me we had towels and i have amazing friends...but it was hysterical. we laughed the entire way home- oh the memories at 1 in the morning. the night finally ended around two. oh what a long day, but oh what a perfect day.

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