Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a few lessons learned...

i am getting old. its true. i dont know when this happened, but the fact that my drivers license was near to expiring is proof of this aging. you would think with this new found oldness i would know all there is to know. not the case.

lesson learned.

1. don't go to the DMV on Tuesday or Saturday. They are closed on Mondays making Tuesdays extremely busy.
2. long waits aren't bad when you have a phone, book, or someone to talk to. if you forget all these things you are fresh out of luck.
3. when im bored i do math. i have noticed this when on long road trips, but this cemented the fact. i counted the amount of time the average person was at the counter. yes i sat there and counted up to 450. then divided by 60. figured out the approximate number of people in front of me (they have a weird order) and then divided that by the number of workers and then the time figured out earlier. i was approximately 3 minutes off. not too shabby.
4. im a nerd.
5. i love running errands on my own sometimes, especially after 4 months of always being with someone or having other responsibilities.

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  1. try 18 months of always being with someone... i spent all day yesterday shopping and running errands alone and most of this week by myself. LOVE IT! but school starts soon, i should be social again... LOVE YOU ELLEBELLE. love your blog too. glad i found it so i can stalk you, better.