Friday, August 12, 2011

water fight no no.

i LOVE my family. its the truth. they provide great entertainment, especially when together. funny moment of last night: we were all sitting around talking in the family room about who knows what. I was playing with this water gun type thing that was empty. it was just a little pump you could fill with water, but when empty it just blows a stream of air. papa hall was sitting on the floor in front of me and his head was a perfect target for the air (figuring it would feel weird and startle him.) i point the gun down and push. his reaction was much more than i was expecting. no worries, the gun i thought was empty actually had a little water left, and pointing it down made that water accessible. i start laughing uncontrollably, he gets up, goes into the kitchen and comes back with a water bottle. holding it to my head says "are you sorry?" i just laugh and laugh. he repeats himself. i get up and run away. by this time jonathan has gone into the kitchen and grabbed another water bottle. comes back and does the same thing to padre. "are you sorry for threatening my sister" we were all dying. luckily, no one wanted to clean up the mess that would be caused by a water fight, but we were on pins and needles.

it was probably one of those "you need to be there moments"
ethan, will, and i with the "max liquidator"
ethan with the object in question. 

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