Tuesday, August 16, 2011


so i wouldn't consider myself an environmentalist. im not about to go lay down in front of a bulldozer to prevent trees from being nocked down. but oh how i love nature. there is something peaceful and magical about being outside. i adore it.

yesterday morning keri (my sister-in-law) and i went on a walk. ps i always scoffed at people who go "walking" in the morning. i never thought it was that good of a workout. but i will admit at one point i started to sweat. it was a perfect walk. we walked down to the river trail and then along the river. the trees provided shade which made the morning temperature absolutely perfect. we walked past open fields and saw horses grazing. it took me back to England when we went on our Kent walk. we stopped and feed the ducks some of ethan's goldfish, and just enjoyed being up and outside. i could have walked forever.

at one point we passed a small cabin that looked like it was renting canoes. i had such a strong desire to go canoeing and just play outside. next task. find someone who will go canoeing with me. wish me luck.

later in the day i had a little free time so i made my way up the canyon to read. i stopped by a park I had never been to (have i mentioned i loved parks), climbed down by the river, and read. it was perfect. i could have stayed there all day listening to the river trickle by and the wind in the trees. unfortunately sitting on a rock can only be comfortable for so long. eventually the uncomfortableness won out over my desire to stay and read and i left.

there are times that timing is perfect. other times it is not so perfect. i have spent many a moment in my car this week waiting because it wasnt worth it to drive back to matt and keri's to then turn around and come back. this was not one of those times. as i walked to my car cali called- they were home, and i was good to come over. i adore cali and sean. they are the bestest. it was fun to be in their apt, but hard to remember they werent yet married. but to continue on the nature theme. i went with cali and her mother-in-law to be to meet with the reception center to make sure everything was set for Thursday. they decided to have a garden reception- and oh brother it was gorgeous! the flowers were splendid and there was a little fountain pond thing. i was in love. my future home will have a pretty garden ive decided. the only problem is after years of yard work at the hall home im not the biggest fan of gardening. we will see how that works out.

side note. im eloping. planning a wedding stresses me out. and im not even getting married. i was so overwhelmed at the reception center and it wasnt even my wedding, and then with becca's wedding planning. oh brother.

utah is beautiful. i love it. the mountains. the trees. i love it all. thank you mother nature for being pretty.

other fun things of my life.
last night went to the movie in the park. best thing ever. it is so fun to be with so many other people watching a movie outside. it reminds me of the fourth of july. we saw prince of persia. unfortunately i hate snakes and laugh at the wrong time. but the movie was great.

tonight was cassandra banov's wedding reception. yay for love and marriage.

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