Friday, September 30, 2011

the shot heard around the stadium.

all that's running through my head right now is "shot through the heart, and youre to blame, you give love a bad name" oh the love I have for Bon Jovi.

Tonight was the BYU v USU game. I get slightly confused when both teams have the same colors. I will admit I found myself cheering for USU because I had forgotten we were in blue and white not white and blue. The game started out rough with USU scoring in the first the first seconds of the game, but turned around when BYU put Riley Nelson in. It turned a very boring, depressing game into one of excitement and hope. I have never been more grateful for my front row goal line seats than at that moment. BYU's 11 second winning touch down was right in front of my face.

if you look at the stands. im the short one with the Y on my short...megan is next to me with her arms folded. amazing seats.
The only moment that could possibly top that moment during the game was getting to shoot the cannon. who knew that so many good things could happen at one game. Megan and I got there 45 minutes before the game and went and talked to the ROTC guys. We told them how we had talked to someone the week before and he told us to ask. The paused for a second, and replied "okay, yeah, you can shoot it." The guy with the list wasnt there but one of them took my number and said he would call and let us know. The game started and there was no call. Our excitement and giggling soon died out as we lost hope of shooting the cannon. The end of the first quarter was near when my phone started buzzing. The marine who was calling was feet away, yet we conversed via phone. It was our time.

what you do when you get to the game 45 minutes early. please note the foam finger in the background. there were foam fingers on every seat. my very first foam finger. it was an exciting day for many reasons.
waiting to shoot the cannon. it was exciting to be on the field.
pulling the cannon. a momentous moment.
it was hard to pull. hence the laughing.
we did it! talking with our new army friends and getting a free t-shirt!
free shirt!
rushing the field..

We ran down to the field. Patiently waited, while secretly freaking out because we were on the field, and as the clock hit zero we pulled. It was a spectacular moment, one that will forever live in my memory.

oh yes, and we t-shirt to commemorate the moment.

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