Friday, September 2, 2011

life goal. be a good storyteller.

every year there is a storytelling festival. every year i want to go to said festival. well folks, this was the year. friday night i joined a few other friends and made our way up the canyon to watch the best storytellers do their best as they told scary stories at night.

it started with a bite to eat at spicy thai. which quickly became a bite to eat at magelbey's right next door. two words. stuffed breadstick. holy moly was i stuffed after that thing. it could feed three people. did i eat the whole thing? yes. did i feel terribly sick afterwards? yes. has my stomach been the dumbest thing known to man recently? yes. but it was delicious. we then made our way to the parking lot near riverwoods to park and catch the shuttle. we were there just in time for a shuttle, but alas there were too many of us. the girl driving promised she would send someone back for us. boy did she deliver. she sent a whole school bus back. i dont know the last time i rode in a school bus. i loved it.

the stories were wonderful. the first guy mimed his story and it was phenomenal. the other stories were great, not the scariest but wonderful. i learned though that fall is here, and that means cold nights, especially in the canyon. a cardigan and capri's with no blanket or coat wasnt the smartest move. but fuzzy and susan and i did our best to stay warm.

the best old roommate ever
storyteller after storyteller wowed us with their stories. However, my favorite was the woman who was the most relaxed. She wasn't trying to be super scary. She was just talking to you- with inflection of course. She told a love story where they were both killed. funny how that is a theme in life. romeo and juliet style. but it was a great story- and i loved her storytelling style.

the good ole steven meyer made a come back into our lives after being in germany for a study abroad

moral of the story. next September keep your calendar free and head up to the storytelling festival. it is grand.

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