Saturday, May 7, 2011

a little bit of rain never hurt anyone...

today was an adventure filled day.

we had a tour at the globe starting at 10 (we thought) so we left at 9, so we could get there around 9 45 because he told us to be early. we got to the tube station and there were closures because of maintenance meaning we had to get off three stops before where we needed to be. so the problem solving kicked in. we found if we transfered at westminster to the jubilee line we could get pretty close the the globe. so transfered we did. we got out and followed signs to get to the globe.

have you ever thought about how choices affect you. if you had made one choice differently you wouldn't be in the spot you were at the time you were. in benjamin button they have a seen all about that. well because of our choices in which tube line to take, and how fast we walked it meant we were outside the southwark tube stop just in time to pass by a very crude group of  boys. This was the first time while in london i have actually been disgusted with the human race. They were offering us STDs, and saying 30 pounds, and just being awful. My eyes were locked forward, for which i am very grateful, because what i found out later was one of the boys flashed cali. it just makes me sad to see people like that. what has there life been like to make them think that is acceptable. it just makes me sad.
waiting at the globe.

we got to the globe right on time, 9 45, and were surprised to see no one there, including our directors. It turns out the tour wasnt until 10 15, and they told us 10 to make sure we were on time. so we spent the next half hour sitting in the globe exhibition. now you might think "thats awful, how boring" but it was anything but boring. because the two workers working the desk had the most hysterical relationship ever. here is an example of part of their conversation (note this is all said in amazing british accents) (ps. m stands for man, w for woman)
m. we need the rain
w. we meaning personally or london
m. london
w. no we dont
m. we are 3 to 4 feet lower than we should be in all the resevoirs 
w. i dont care
m. you should, if you want to drink wanter
w. its okay, ill just drink coco-cola and they import that. and they bottle water and we import that from france. its call evian

hysterical. and then the conversation turned to the Thames, and the best line was
w. someone once told me if I put my feet in the Thames my skin would rot off
their conversation made the wait so grand. eventually the group showed up. people were way late because of the tube closure, so we didnt start out tour until a little after 10 30. the tour was amazing though! jon our tour guide was grand and told us lots of fun tidbits about the globe and how it was back in the day. it was amazing to hear that boys would wear fake tummys to look fatter to show they were rich, and they layers and layers of clothing the wealthy were. while we were in the globe the actors were practicing so we couldnt take pictures, but one of the actors was jeffery from the fresh prince of belair, which was amazing. oh how i loved that show back in the day. thank you will smith.
during the tour. this was after the actors left, no worries, i wasnt breaking the rules
jeffery from the fresh prince of belair. unfortunately the next time we saw him he was smoking in the street.
one of the costumes. it was amazing the amount of fabric. they exhibit said it could take up to 90 minutes to get ready.
the architecture of the globe was amazing to me. the fact that they left the roof open so get sunlight because they couldnt light the area, and that they wouldnt stop the show for rain. you could and still can stand right in the front of the stage for 1 pence, these were the groundling. no a days they can fit around 700 people in, but back in the day they would squeeze as many as people in as physically possible. fitting up to 1000 people. i am very grateful for the seats we had on tuesday and that we didnt have to stand the entire show. can you imagine standing in that small of a space for the upwards of three hours?

after the globe we jetted over to the rose theater, which was not what i was expecting. the rose was one of the first theaters in london and they were trying to excavate the remains. however the remains started to crumble so they had to cover it with sand and water. so you cant see the actually remains, but rather red lights lining where the walls would be and then they put on shows in a tiny tiny space for people to see, to the side of the remains. 
the rose theater.

overall, the field trip was wonderful. it is so nice to have tours scheduled with the group. i dont think i would have done that on my own, but i absolutely loved learning about it.

walking back from the globe. here is a better view of the harry potter bridge.
after the rose we went to portobello road again to get a rose ring. badumchuu. but i got the ring i have been wanting for the last week, and i absolutely love it. i also ended getting a headband...woowhoo! it was originally 5 pounds but she dropped it down to 4.50. and we got lunch at the jamacian stall that we had seen the week before and it was scrumptious, and then got these yummy pasteries that elly loves! they were huge!

this is the headband i got. im in love.

i love these bracelets, they are beautiful. this will be what i ponder on for the next week.
where we ate. the guy was so great, there was a huge line and he kept saying theres food for everyone, no rush, we will help you all

the yummy jamacian food.

the biggest pastry in the world. good thing i have the biggest mouth ever.

cali and i slowly walked back from portobello, just soaking in london, and being exhausted. as we walked through hyde park on our way home all i wanted to do was to lay down in the grass and sleep, but we kept moving. we took our shoes off to enjoy the grass of the park and it was splendid.
walking home. soo sleepy.
my watch and saving grace for this trip. except it keeps getting farther and farther off.

barefoot in the park. i love the feeling of grass between my toes.
when we got home we collapsed on our beds. ive never been so happy to be off my feet. unfortunately, i had some homework i had to finish. but once it was done, a short nap was all i could think of. the aimed 20 minute power nap turned into a much longer nap- ending up being around and hour and a half. but it was perfect. 

but it was perfect because when we woke up there was excitement because someone had seen anne hathaway doing a photoshoot around the corner so cali and i jumped up and ran, but we didnt take the time to get good enough directions so we went to the wrong place. which was the saddest, but a good lesson in taking time to understand.

i then got to skype with my family, which was perfect. i didnt realized how much i miss them, but seeing chelsea and james and warren, i was the happiest person in the world. they are just so wonderful and i love them so very much.

cali and i then went picture jogging. in the movie yes man they do it. its basically running with your camera and take pictures while running. it means your pictures arent the best but it definitely keeps you entertained during your run. 

a perfect way to end the run. chocolate cake and milk.
after that we showered, and just lounged, and then we had bonding with everyone where we just sat around talking and asking questions to whomever was in the hot seat. it was grand.

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