Tuesday, September 13, 2011

accident prone much

I was talking to my mom awhile back and she was recounting funny stories of my childhood to me. More specifically telling me how I would conveniently get hurt whenever it was time to clean up. But I wasnt one of those kids who would just "say" they got hurt...I would actually get hurt. I mean if your going to try to get out of chores you have to go all the way...right? 

Right now im in a handful of psychology classes and we have been talking a lot about the conscious and the unconscious. It is important to realize while I was a very smart five-year-old, I was unconsciously hurting myself to get out of helping.

Last night my roommate told me I am the injured one of the apartment. I am back to being five, getting hurt without realizing it. It's not that I plan to get hurt, or enjoy being hurt- im just really good at it.

Injuries in the last month.
-glacier burn on my thigh. think cheese grater, put it over your leg, and thats what my leg looked like. gross, right?
-bruised knee. I ran into a boulder sticking out onto the trail while hiking down. I was tired and wasn't paying attention.
-burned finger. I bent down to get something, put my hand on the counter to steady myself standing up, and my hand grabbed the straightener not the counter.
- cut hand. helping a friend move my hand ran into the wall and it tore up the back of my hand.
- another random cut on my hand that i have no clue where it came from, but it left a scar

- and the most recent injury that spurred this whole rant on me getting hurt was playing mud volleyball. i was the one who was lame and wouldnt dive because i didnt want to get hurt. thats the silly thing- im cautious. im no longer my young self who didnt know what fear was. but i somehow in the midst of playing i stepped on a twig and or something. because i had a huge splinter in my foot. you know its bad when your roommate performing surgery goes "ooooooohhh..." and throws the tweezers when she sees how deep it is. 10 minutes, and a few, ahh, ooo, and bahh's later- alison was a champ and got the majority of it out. 

new topic. all together.
life has been busy. but great. meet my weekend.

friday. woke up at susan's. work. school. finish slideshow. efy reunion. up the canyon with rachel and tambrea. sleepover at rachels.

saturday. woke up at rachel's. watched them eat at kneaders. went with diana to buy her dress. realized her wedding was the same weekend i was going home for becca's wedding. called cathy to cancel flight. went to crepes with london people. went for a run to kiwanis. played cabbage dodgeball (side note: cabbages are painful- just for the record), went for a longer run (anne is super fast and killed me, but the rain was wonderful). showered. watched the game with freshman friends. went to sarah johnson's surprise party, went to the sperry house luau, went to carolyn's goodbye to summer party, and end the night playing ticket to ride with tanner and eric.

sunday. slept in. had a meeting. sent invitations out for diana's bridal shower. read. went to church. ces fireside. ticket to ride part two with tanner and eric. ward prayer. bed.

it was a jammed packed weekend but fun. also i still dislike parents who call into student services and are overly nosey into their students life. grr..arg...ventation over.

pictures to come

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