Thursday, September 22, 2011


so over the summer i would say "Im such a girl" every other sentence. it was a problem. however, after attending my psych of gender class on tuesday and learning about transgender people (side note: can you imagine your 17 year old daughter coming to you one day and saying, "Im a boy" no no.. and then going on to change her name to Jeremy and living as a boy- that would be so hard). I am very grateful to identify with my sex. 

so it shouldn't come as a shock that I love shoes. Even on days where you are running late, or feeling gross, or if the night before you ate too much chocolate- shoes are always there, and always fit (especially when you never grow. hmph.) they are the best. and then there are heels. Throw those suckers on and Im a normal height. Its amazing.

There is nothing better than finding a pair of shoes that you love. They fit just right, they match with everything- they are perfect.  I had a pair of macassins like this. They were Steven Maden, and I probably spent too much money on them (while I like shoes, I like inexpensive shoes) but they were perfect. I wore them all the time. I wore them so much that I wore the soles away. I had a lovely hole in each heal. but that didnt stop me. on sunday days I would break them out- except with my luck it always ended up raining those days- so I walked around with very wet, cold feet. But I didnt care- i loved those shoes. 

In an attempt to get rid of the enormous amount of stuff i have- I got rid of them this fall. It was a very sad, momentous day. But i parted with them.

So why this random sad tale you ask. Well today at work, Megan, who relentlessly teased me about my holey shoes- had falling apart shoes on that she loved. it made my life complete. They were cheap shoes that she had had forever, and that she loved. Will she part with them? who knows? will she hold on to them for way to long like i did? These questions can only be answered with time. 

Megan's Demolished shoes. 
Jesse came over while I was trying to capture Megan's new shoe situation and decided he wanted to be in the picture. so he grabs megan's leg and holds it up. the whole time megan is dying. a typical moment.

Random side notes:

Have I mentioned how much I love the people I work with? Its the best. Today there was a huge bag of leftover popcorn so Jesse and I threw it back and forth catching it in our mouths. Yes, we are five. Also we have found the new sport of shooting each other with rubberbands. Can you tell its slow? Too bad the new application is going up soon and we will get busy again. hmph.  oh yes and today we had an arm wrestling contest. jesse was lame and didnt try the first time so I owned him- after reprimanding him for letting me beat him I got creamed. oh yes and yesterday was a signature contest- he made everyone vote who had the best signature. jackie won. i have the best mornings in the world.

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  1. I threw them away. Then I cried. Not really, but it was incredibly sad.