Friday, September 30, 2011

the smell of sweat and iron.

there is a feeling one cannot explain. it is a mix between joy and pain. it comes as you are walking up the stairs, or try to get out of your chair. it is the feeling of being sore.

there is something exhilerating about being sore. its painful, yes. but a good pain. with a half marathon less than a month away- the gym and i have become best friends. oh yes, and the fact that Gold's gym is now only 10 dollars a month. Such a good deal.

there is cardio cinema. the italian job, ps I love movie knowledge will be pro in no time.

there are weights. im weak, but still its fun to use the machines, and pretend to be cool.

there is the people watching. boys are the funniest to watch work out. but their muscles are the size of my head, so i dont say anything.

there are the friends. working out with friends. way better than working out by yourself. that way you can talk to them while you walk around trying to figure out which machine to use and how it works.

there is the escape. for an hour, you have left the normal world. you can work out frustrations. especailly about group projects (i hate them. okay thats a little harsh. i strongly dislike them.) you can escape from homework, from work, from the world. and its okay because you are doing something productive.

there is the results. more than just physical. you feel on top of the world. you have more energy, more motivation. ah its great.

so there it is folks. my random musings about the gym, and my currently sore legs.

random side notes.

playing ultimate frisbee. fun. playing ultimate frisbee against a team that should be in a higher division. no so fun. losing 12 to 0. not fun in the slightest. (not because we lost, but because it wasnt even a game)

cutting hair. i like it. it stresses me out. i cut jesse's hair for the third time last night. feeling more confident I went faster. it was a lot shorter than before. and i spent the rest of the night looking at it, and not feeling happy. but today at work it looks not too bad. oh the differences gel can make.

trucks are perfect for star gazing. i want one.

and BYU football game tonight..and General Conference Weekend!! woowhoo

the end of my random musings....

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