Wednesday, September 21, 2011

wednesday is no longer hump day folks.

the line outside the velour. we saw some NBA stars here for Jimmer's All Stars while waiting in this monstrous line.
Wednesday gets a bad wrap as being hump day. The hump you have to get over before the weekend. the half way mark. I have a theory on the days of the week. Im a nerd. Its true. but in my opinion Tuesday is the worst day of the week. You dont have the excitement that comes with Monday, and you still have the whole week ahead. wednesday was always just a meh day- the day that makes half way, and because of that it made it a good day. but today blew all other wednesdays out of the water.

It started with work. Like every other day. Unfortunately no megan today, it was just Jesse and I to fend for our own entertainment. Work was followed by class, which was wonderful. Its a church history class with Susan Easton Black. That woman is one of my favorite people in the world. She just talks for the whole 50 minutes, filling us with knowledge. she teaches. i love it. *side note about the day. walking home i ran into Julia (a girl who lives in my new complex) and we talked about life and school. we spent a good five minutes venting about teachers who dont teach. dear teachers, if i wanted to learn everything from the book i would take independent study. please teach me. side not ended*

now begins the exciting part of my wednesday. after class i ran back to the ASB to change into running clothes. the beautiful Rachel Robinson met me outside the building and we started our run. an hour and a half later i rolled back into the ASB, disgusting as could be. Changed, and then went to class. I made Jason and Fuzzy sit a seat away from me, as to not make them have to experience my grossness. Fuzzy was a gem and gave me his powerade- except i felt awful drinking it (it was his, he should drink it). Moral of the story: Fuzzy is the nicest.

Class was followed by a much needed shower, and lunch, and then back up to campus for my last class of the day. College Financial Survival. I am now a pro invester. well, not really, but im working on it. After class I jetted over to the Benson Building for....drum roll please...the Cancer Awareness Group Opening Social. How did i got involved with CAG? Good question. It all started with the lovely McCall Barriks who was a vice president last year. She would always invite me to go, and I never could. But when the Rex Lee Run rolled around, I was free and able to help. I loved it. I loved being involved with something bigger than me, to be a part of something on campus. I loved sitting at the booth in the Wilk telling people about it (except i was not good at getting people to come to our booth, because I never liked the people who would force a flier on you...) I loved going to companies Saturday mornings and seeing if they would want to help sponsor the run, or donate prizes. And I loved the people. The opening social was wonderful, and the best part...there was food. One meeting later, and two pieces of 5 buck Pizza later I was walking down the hill to meet Megan in the parking lot.

Now, its already been a pretty full Wednesday if I do say so myself. But the walk down the hill provided even more entertainment. I called a friend back who had a question about financial aid. When a girl answered, I simply figured it was his girlfriend, who i knew, and started talking to her. She was very confused at what I was saying- and when i finally checked my phone, I realized I had called a different friend. Sorry Lauren. I went on to laugh and apologize and called the correct person. There are times I am grateful for my job. One of those times is when I can help friends. Friends who I am actually friends with. The worst is when you feel like you are being used, but this was not the case.

i adore this girl. it was so great to get to play with her again. she is swamped with school. i dislike it very greatly. possibly more than her. false. but still.
I eventually made it to the bottom of the hill, jumped in the waiting car (no, it was not a stranger- but megan- seen above) and headed over to the Velour for the Fictionist Concert. They just signed with Atlantic and this was their celebration concert. It was a great show, but i was starting to feel the exhaustion from the day setting in, add standing for a few hours, and intense heat- and i was pooped. But it was great, I saw amy, holly, and andrea from London which was so fun! i felt like we were back across the pond all going to a show. so funny story of my life. Im a midget. well not really. but standing against the wall at the concert i would have to work my hardest to see around people. the worst would be when someone would come and stand right in front of me. i swear all of provo is 6 feet. because they were all giants. and then i got lucky with a shorter girl, except her hair was right on top of her head making her even taller. moral of the story: i need a stool. in my frustration i would fake punch them in the back (to actually hit them would be rude and uncalled for. but i got a kick out of fake punching) I would tell megan I was punching them with my ora. I have a very strong ora. it was a great, long day.I have never been so happy to see my bed in my life. Happy Wednesday folks. Just as exciting as any weekend.

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