Wednesday, September 7, 2011

saved by the boy in the purple stripes.

two posts in one day. a little excessive. yes. is this necessary yes. today i learned a few lessons. hold on to your seats they are good ones.

first. follow promptings. last night at approximately 2 30 i woke up randomly (or so i thought) checked my phone and saw i had one new text. it was from tori asking me to do something when i woke up. figure i would most likely forget in the morning, and i was wide awake then, i pulled back my covers, got out of bed, and proceeded to forward her the information she needed. while doing so i noticed my computer wasnt plugged in. i thought nothing of it and got back under my warm covers to try to fall back into a restful slumber. while laying there, thinking sleep would never come back, I remembered I would need my computer for a class and that it would be out of battery in the morning. I contemplated the pro's and con's of getting out of bed right then to plug in my computer, and the warm covers, soft pillows, and now heavy eyelids won out. yes, i realize plugging it in would have taken less than 30 seconds. but i knew i was waking up at 6 30 and letting it charge for an hour would be sufficient. i woke up in the morning not to the sound of my alarm but rather of my roommate gathering her stuff to go out the door. confused because we had set out alarm for the same time, i checked the clock. instead of seeing the number six followed by a three and a zero, the time 7 05 was staring back at me. i leaped from my bed and ran to the shower. taking the fastest shower known to woman (man might have been faster..badumchu) i realized i hadnt plugged in my computer. i hurried to plug it in after my shower, but 20 minutes was not going to give me enough power to get through class. running late i grabbed my computer and headed for the door. no charger in hand. (i was late and the charger was hidden behind a cabinet and cinderblocks. bad placement outlets, bad placement.)

second. friends are wonderful, but really.
i got to work and started randomly checking with everyone. hey do you have a mac charger. but to no avail. i asked if they had friends who were on campus who i could borrow it from, mostly joking but secretly hoping. well mainly i just asked this of megan and jesse. i didnt want to overstep my "work" friendship with others. jesse pulled through. 45 minutes later he handed me a charger, one hug (which illustrated our vast high difference) and many thank yous later my computer was plugged in and i was a lot more calm.

third. always double check.
work eventually came to a close. i shut my window. counted the payments. stapled the receipts, and gathered my things. i went over grabbed my computer and quickly opened it to double check what 2 hours of charging had accomplished. 27 percent. that was the power left. i had started the day with 38, how was this possible? the outlet, it must not have been working. panic set in as my class started in 12 minutes. a quick note to jesse, asking if i could still borrow the charger and get it back to him after class, and i was on my way to the MARB

fourth. mac chargers are different.
i got to class and started looking for an outlet. so much for sitting in the middle section. i found one in the back corner. so much for sitting near the front. and found my seat. took out said charger and said computer and got all set to go. but no green light came on after i plugged it in. two outlets couldnt not be working. i examined the charger and notice while it looked like it fit, it was in fact a tiny tiny bit smaller. my mac is old. this charger was new. devil. 25 percent left. now most classes i just take notes in my notebook, but not this one. church history with susan easton black. i swear she never breathes. a constant slew of knowledge flows from her mouth and it is all i can do to type it all, hence the back up of a voice recording as well.

fifth. dont be afraid to ask.
four rows in front of me i saw a computer that looked just like mackey. it was not a macbook pro, or a new macbook. it was just a macbook. just like mine. he was far away, the boy in the purple striped shirt, and what were the odds he had a charger. i had to hope. i tapped the girl in front of me, hey can you get the boy in the purple. she looked at me. i repeated, she looked at him and then back at me. the girl next to her took action, tapping the boy in front of her, and spreading the message the boy in the purple eventually turned around. my plea. do you happen to have your charger? my computer is about to die and i left mine at home. success. his charge left his hands, entered two other random hands and then into mine. i plugged the charger in holding my breath. the green light went on. the lightning bolt signifying it was charging came on and i was the happiest girl on campus. class ended and i passed the charger back. everyone around me smiling- they had all been a part of a random act of service and i had been the participant. there are so many times where i am too afraid to ask for something i need, but it is amazing the help and success that can come from expressing yourself. so boy in the purple striped shirt. thank you for the two hundreth time. you saved me today.

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