Wednesday, September 7, 2011

well hello mr grumpy gills.

sometimes i feel like if you read my blog you would think i was the happiest person alive and always found the silver lining and was never a grump. oh how i wish this was the case. while in my musings i realize how silly it is to be anything but happy, but unfortunately i am human. and recently i feel like the grumpiest person in the world. now i realize that is a slight exaggeration, im sure Oscar the grouch is grumpier than me, but i feel like i am constantly annoyed- which is no bueno. here is my list of complaints. sorry i am going to be negative and list my pet peeves. i figure this is educational... right?

- parents. not mine. i love them. but parents that call in and do everything for the student, and then get upset that there is a federal law that prevents them from being nosey. have your student call and learn. they are going to be the one repaying the loan so they should learn how it works. yes? yes. parents dont prevent your children from growing up. they are in college after all.

- people who dont believe me. just because i am a student it does mean i dont know what im talking about. or the line "can i talk to an adult" as Megan put it...hello im 21, i can vote. im an adult. to go along with that, when people treat me younger than i am. i have been on my own for 3 years now. im no longer 12. even if i like parks, and to color, and at times get as excited as a seven year old at christmas, i have still experienced a lot and can handle a lot. just saying.

- people who are late. or say ill keep you posted, and never let you know. i hate waiting and having to wait for people makes me all upset inside. it makes me feel like they dont respect me, like their time is more important than mine. not saying that mine is better than theirs. i think it is the fact that time is the only thing that is purely mine. the one commodity you have complete control over. you have 24 hours in a day. you get to choose how to spend them. you never have more, never have less (unless you cross time zones, but still). i just hate feeling like the one thing i have control over is taken from me by having to wait for people who are late.

thats the main thing that topped the list. i started this post while i was in said grumpy mood and came back to it when i was feeling less like a grump- meaning i cant remember what else was on my mind. but some positive things to outweigh the negative.

- yesterday i finally got back into running, its only been three weeks since i got back to utah and this was my first run. no worries. but it was great. 6 am rolled around and rachel and i were off. it brought back memories of running last fall, i loved it! however, it made for a very tired ellie (which might have added to the grumpiness). i got home from a long day on campus and it was a beautiful night. perfect for a run. i was talking to my roommate about how i wanted to go for another run. conversation ended. phone rang. it was an old friend seeing if i wanted to go for a run. my answer. yes. did my body hate me by the end of the day. yes. did i care. no. 

- having family close is the best thing ever. the best. matt and keri have helped me a ton since getting back to school. a couch to sleep on when i was homeless, food, friendship, sleeping bags, storage, cake plates, sunday excitement....the list goes on and on. last night i went over to borrow yet another thing when keri gave me a container of chicken noodle soup and cornbread to take home. it was something so little but made my day. comfort food is the best. homemade comfort food is even better.

- diana and i were home at the same time. it was a miracle. it was so great to finally get to talk to her and catch up on all the excitement of planning a wedding.

- last week i bought an ipod touch. i succumbed. i had been wanting one for a while so i finally splurged and got it. right after i went to a college financial survival class with todd martin (a counselor in financial aid office who i know) and was feeling very guilty about my recent purchase. but it came in the mail yesterday. so very exciting.

- its starting to feel like fall. need i say more.

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