Tuesday, September 20, 2011

betta got murried.

the hall family is up to 17! On Saturday Jefferey Johnson joined the family. it was an absolutely perfect weekend- full of time with the family, pictures, and delicious food.

random thoughts.
another reason i love my job. they were ripping out flowers outside the ASB and Jesse went and picked a floral arrangement. Our office is now adorned with fresh flowers.

i am amazed at how fast time can go. both with life- i dont know how i am 21, and how it is already the end of september. and with friends. I was talking to a kid in my new ward last night and time seemed to fly. a three hour conversation later, i was shocked that the night was gone and it was time to go to bed.

yesterday I went running with Rachel- which turned into a way short run and a long walk- mainly just so we could talk and catch up. Her stories were so intense she couldnt run and keep them all straight at the same time. it was perfect though. we walked on the river trail and it was one of the prettiest days i had ever experienced. thank you provo and rachel robinson for an enjoyable day.

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