Thursday, September 8, 2011

forced to slow down.

living with roommates in college is the greatest. it is an instant friend base, a sudo family. People who live on their own- i dont understand. I would be so lonely. But there is a phenomenon that comes with having multiple people live in one place that all have keys- getting locked out.

today a friend from efy, Mary, and I went running. It was a great run, uphill, downhill, around campus...and just time to talk and catch up on life. perfection. on the way out we passed her roommate and Mary yelled for her to leave the door unlocked. Im sure you can guess what happened when we got back. Both doors locked. dead bolted. We went to a neighbors tried to call. no answer. so we sat and waited. and waited. and waited.

It was one of those perfect moments. We were forced to slow down, we couldn't say "oh, i want to stay but i have to go finish _______" we just sat there (pretending to stretch or do sit-ups) for two hours talking about anything and everything. in the shade of the surrounding apartments life was perfect. People would walk by and offer to let us come in. We would say thank you, and then graciously turn them down- being outside was heavenly.  I adore Mary, we have experienced similar things in life, and feel the same way about things. She will put into words exactly how I feel- it is amazing. Moral of the story. be her friend.

she is the cutest.
after we had talked ourselves dry, and there was still no sign of any roommates- we decided to recruit boys to help us break in through the open window 20 feet off the ground. plans were made and about to go into action when her roommate pulled up. I find its always when i give up and take action that the thing i want to 
happen happens- if that makes any sense. Example. at work the door to get to the counseling office has been locked in the mornings. I will knock and hope someone will come, and no one comes. knock again. no one. finally when i start to walk away, to walk around the building and in through the other, hopefully unlocked, door someone comes. oh life.

talking was perfect but it meant i neglected both homework and making the slide show for friday's efy reunion. whoops. i went home and quickly started working. pictures, videos, music...i was blasting through that slideshow when all of a sudden the tiredness hit me like a wall. I swear my eyelids were five hundred pounds. I shut my computer, pulled out my phone to set an alarm, and layed down on the couch i had been previously using. I discovered we have the best nap taking couch in the world in our apartment. The arm rests are short making it a perfect pillow, and the couch is the perfect length for curling up and falling asleep. All i need now is a fireplace, hot chocolate, and a good book. oh yes, and for a nice blanket of white snow outside (not that i want it to be winter, the cold is rough, but it makes the hot chocolate that much better)

the nap was just what I needed, however I was reluctant to get up...ten more minutes, five more minutes, until finally i forced myself to wake up. I worked a little longer on the slide show and then got ready for our first intramural frisbee game of the season.

I love intramurals, and wish I had done them more over the last 3 years I have been here. It is so fun to just go and play. We got to the game and Anne and I were the only  ones there. We had two, the other team had 14. I sat there looking at the other team thinking we were going to lose, or have to forfeit. At the last minute we had enough to play. we had 8 enough for one sub, they had a million, enough for as many subs as they wanted. I didnt have faith. I thought we were going to lose. Boy was I wrong. we owned. and it was fast. we won 12 to 4, and even with a late start finished before the top of the hour. It was amazing. I felt inadequate on the team, but a few good plays and I felt like I was pulling my weight. In the words of one of the boys on the team, "This is a shirt team." Intramural champion shirt- here I come.

The night finished off with a good old sleepover. I have been missing Susan (my old roommate) a ton recently. It could be the fact I could always count on her to make bad decisions (aka cookie dough) with me, or that we could play down low, too slow for forty minutes just laughing, or that she would laugh at me when my arms felt funny...or it could be all of those things. Long story short, Melissa was out of town and she told me to come over. so i did. one half batch of cookie dough and a movie later we were asleep on the couches. lets be honest a few bites of cookie dough and 15 minutes of the movie later we were asleep on the couch. 

It was a great day. a great great day. yes, there were things that didnt get done. but i slowed down. sat on the grass. breathed the fresh air. and life was perfect.

sorry i have been slacking on taking pictures of my life. hello lots of text. goodbye pictures.

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