Monday, April 16, 2012

61 reasons I love Catherine Ann Daines Hall

 When you are a mother, you are never really alone 
in your thoughts.  A mother always has to think twice, 
once for herself and once for her child.  
~Sophia Lore

Happy birthday to my wonderful mother. She is the big 6-1. So obviously I had to list 61 reasons I love her...

  1. She raised me.
  2. She cooks me yummy food.
  3. She loves me unconditionally.
  4. She cares about all of her children... a lot!
  5. She will let me vent to her- and then give great insight.
  6. She is full of wisdom.
  7. She has a strong testimony.
  8. She loves to play games, and is competitive when necessary.
  9. She plays with my hair when I'm sick.
  10. She allows me to make mistakes.
  11. She doesn't laugh during movies (which makes me feel better when I dont)
  12. She is kind to everyone around her.
  13. She is forgiving- there are many times I have knocked on my parents bedroom door to apologize after being a punk kid.
  14. She is rational, and understanding. When I crashed the car one morning leaving for seminary they simply said "It's okay, go to seminary, we will take car of the car later"
  15. She is a great road trip buddy.
  16. She tries her hardest, but is human, which is nice to know I don't have to be perfect.
  17. She is a social butterfly.
  18. She acts younger than she is. She likes to play with the young couples in the ward.
  19. She gets excited to hear about my dates
  20. She reminds us she loves us often.
  21. She will take me to get pedicures- best mother daughter boding ever
  22. She is very generous
  23. She is a planner- christmas break is always very organized
  24. She was the best substitute teacher when I was a little kid
  25. She is a beach bum
  26. She is hysterical- but for real
  27. She tells great stories
  28. She is a great example to me
  29. She loves my father a lot
  30. She listens to books on tape while she cleans. I feel at home when I hear stories of Mrs Polifax.
  31. She makes the house beautiful for whenever we come home
  32. She makes our house magical at Christmas
  33. She is frugal, and good with money
  34. She taught emotional regulation- to a point
  35. She cries. and has passed that on to me.
  36. She worries because she cares
  37. She lets us have bon fires even though she hates the pile of wood
  38. She lets my dad ski and bike even though he has broken himself many times
  39. She is a great teacher
  40. She is an example to me of fulfilling church callings
  41. She encourages me to go on adventures and live my life
  42. She went on a date the week my dad proposed... i think she is the funniest
  43. She sends me sweet cards for the holidays
  44. She owns at Dr. Mario
  45. She will stay up until the wee hours of the morning talking with us and playing games
  46. She serves those around her
  47. She taught me self reliance
  48. She takes care of me when I am sick
  49. She encourages us to be healthy and will buy us new running shoes
  50. She is the cutest
  51. She has beautiful handwriting.
  52. She will buy us tickets to come home for the holidays
  53. She stays in touch with people (to the best of her ability)
  54. She would call people for me when I was too scared
  55. She drove me everywhere when I was younger
  56. She came to all my soccer games, dance recitals, choir concerts, musicals, etc
  57. She is active in the community
  58. She would get me chocolate and rent a movie after I had to get shots
  59. She always helps out with things at school
  60. She helped me with my quilt- especially the not fun parts. basting is the devil
  61. Because she is righteous I get to be with her FOREVER!

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  1. You are right...your mom is awesome and a rock star! Love Cath!