Friday, April 6, 2012

a European escape to the humane world.

i have important news. I wore skinny jeans for the very first time in public tonight. It was a very big day in my life. VERY BIG.

why would I do such a thing you ask? well folks, it was for a "European" date. and what european doesn't wear skinny jeans? My roommate Kristen was a doll and let me borrow her pair. The date was great- full of finger painting, reliving childhood, and wonderful italian food from Macaroni Grill. but probably my favorite part was talking about the humane and inhumane world at dinner.

word of caution. don't get me started on this topic because I could talk about it for forever.

but we talked. and it was great. second date material? ehh probably not. did i care? not at all. so what is this human/inhumane stuff?

well folks it all starts when you have a thought to do good. "I should wash the dishes" or "I should say hi to that person, they seem lonely." When we have these thoughts- you have two options. do it or don't. this is moral agency. we are not forced to do anything. but as soon as we go against our conscious we enter the inhumane world. The inhumane world is full of a different quality of emotion. we justify, we blame, we elevate our needs about others, we cope with our situation. We do anything we can to make ourself feel better for not doing what we had the impression we should do. But when we act according to our conscious we have a whole different experience. we are able to see clearly, we have hope, we are selfless.

I love having mountains so close. I find a peace that comes from them. There is a clarity that I feel when I remove myself from the world I know and go hiking or on a drive into the mountains. As I look down at the valley it seems to put everything into perspective. My life isn't as hard as I might think, and my trials seem so small. I look out on everyone else in the world and wonder what their stories are. They are all people with their own lives, their own hopes and dreams, and worries.

The inhumane views people as problems but the humane views people as people. Staying in the humane world allows you to connect with another person on a deeper level. I have been trying to implement this at work, and I would be lying if I said I was great at it. I still get frustrated with the moms calling in, when really they are just doing their best to help those they love. But as you look at people for what they really are- another human being- you treat them differently, and better.

my suggestion for the day. read "Leadership and Self-deception" It is amazing!

ps i am listening to this song while writing this- and absolutely LOVE it.

random tidbits.

*talking to family on the phone, even if just for a moment is perfect. Older sisters are the best. and older brothers are comical when it comes to dating.

* i love being productive with friends. Rather than just sitting around talking on the couch- go for a run. or in todays case. go to the gym. I got to catch up with the lovely Sarah Johnson while ellipticalling it up at Gold's.

*naps are heavenly.

* this morning was a blizzard walking to school. and was beautiful at night. dear utah, you are messed up.

* after the date it was off to a friend's apartment for an Easter Party. there was cookie dough- i was in heaven. It was also just perfect to get to sit and talk to friends in the ward and laugh. i am very glad I decided to stay another year.

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