Wednesday, April 4, 2012

and then I keeeck her sir-

why the title of this post? I have absolutely no idea. but for real- it is all that was going through my head as I tried to think of a title. So folks- there is your Anastasia quote for the day.

Today was a wonderful. very normal day. work was good. class, wonderful per usual. walking home with Winston was grand- and full of chuckling/laughing.

hmph- I am struggling to write this post. I will just try to power through. I apologize for the a) boringness and b) randomness.

but today I left early from my night class- i have a confession, I cant stand my professor. As a person I am sure he is wonderful, however, as a teacher... he just doesn't teach the way I learn. So I left the stuffy classroom, for a brief walk in the beautiful weather before entering a stuffy gym. 20 miles on the bike later- i left sweaty and invigorated. So what does one do? well the go for a run of course. Mary and I laced up our shoes and conquered the provo river trail for 3.5 miles. I guess that is where the title comes from. I kicked my butt today.

The rest of the night was supporting friends in the MDT showcase with Kayla and Jackie. It was phenomenal, and makes me wish I had more musical talent. I loved doing musicals in high school- and I absolutely love watching performances- i just wish I was still able to be a part of it. Well that's a dumb thought- if I want to be a part of it i just have to put forth the time and effort. It is my own fault it isn't a priority in my life.

But my thoughts on character for today. We live in a world of excuses. Reasons why we can't do something. When in fact I know that I am very good at making time for those things that are important to me- as I am sure others are. We come up with justifications for our actions- which is just a way of teaching ourselves we don't need to change. (I think I talked about this before) but as I look at my actions there is always an excuse for when I misbehave. I was tired, hungry, stress... no no- people are people and deserve to be treated as such no matter the state of our physical needs.

The end of my rant. go out and be active. only 7 miles left to bike for the Lazy Man...woowhoO!

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