Tuesday, April 3, 2012

defining moments

In class last week we talked about defining moments. Moments in our life that have changed us. We had the assignment to write a paper discussing three of these moments in our life. Well folks. Today I wrote that paper.

As I first thought about what three moments have "defined" me- What moments have made me the person I am today- I had the thought that it isn't just a moment, but it is the everyday decisions in life that shape us. It is just normal life and our surroundings- but as I took time to examine my life I found that, while yes it is those small decisions, there were also large events that really have helped to mold me into who I am.

I sat there typing these moments- and started bawling. Im not talking a small tear trickling down, but the flood gates were opened. I typed through the tears as I realized how grateful I am for these moments however hard they were at the time. It is through our trials that we have to make a choice. How are we going to handle the situation before us. Are we going to face it with faith or with fear? Are we going to let it make us better or bitter? I don't know if I have ever pumped out a paper faster than I did with that one- I had to take occasional breaks to stop being such a blubber ball and gain composure. I am also very grateful I wrote the paper and not while I was in the library- oh what a sight I would have been.

That reminds me of a time freshman year when I wrote a paper for one of my religion classes. I was not so smart that time, and was in the library. As I wrote my paper tears started to trickle down my face- I am grateful that time was not to the same level of intensity. But honestly- who cries while they write papers?

This girl.

Other random tidbits of life.
* J.W. Marriott spoke at devotional today- or I guess it was technically a forum.
*An old friend came to apologize for something that happened ages ago. It was water under the bridge but it was so kind of him, and my level of respect for him increased significantly.
*I am still obsessed with my Integrity class.
*I finally got to catch up with the beautiful Megan Adams. She just got an internship in LA for the summer- I have missed not working with that girl, and will miss her this summer.
* After all my griping about not feeling appreciated at work. and my grumbling and bad attitude. today I felt very appreciated at my end of semester supervisor interview. It was a blessing.

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