Monday, April 30, 2012

if life was a chick flick

do you ever find yourself playing out how things would work out if your life was a chick flick? I realize I do it ALL the time. oh brother- break-ups bring this out especially. My thoughts: He will realize he misses me soooo much and cant live without me and come and throw pebbles at my window and confess his love to me and life will be perfect. I am sad (or possibly happy) to say that this has yet to happen. The closest I came was once a boy drove over to my apt after a fight/break up and texted me to come down (not quite pebbles) and life was close to perfect.

i am proud to say that I am not the only one. This week at work I was talking to a friend and he played out how my life would work out. It was nothing short of a chick flick ending. I just smiled and chuckled slightly as I told him how there was NO way that would actually happen. But they are fun to think up, it is fun to slightly hope that life will play out perfectly and be nothing short of a movie script ending. So my walks home from work will continue to be filled of day dreams- as I head back to reality.

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