Thursday, April 19, 2012

Goodbye Winter Semester

Finals are done. and I am sad. weird, right? This last semester I had the perfect schedule. It was the perfect mix of work, school, and social. My classes were engaging and insightful, but the work load was extremely manageable. I didn't want it to end- im the weirdest.

But the exciting things that the end of the semester brings...

  • playing with friends all the time because people dont have as much homework
  • beautiful weather
  • hiking- yay utah mountains
  • earning more money because im working more hours
  • a new apartment
  • and EFY is just around the corner!!!

random tidbits.
* the apartment we are moving to flooded last night- our ward is amazing and with one call we were all there to help. it was good hands on training for how to manage the duplex, but also slightly terrifying.

*we watched rigolleto last night- oh my childhood.

*a man came into the window at work obviously not clean shaven. When I told him we couldn't help him he was bewildered "this isn't clean shaven" sir- you have two centimeters of growth- obviously you didn't shave today! I gave him the option to call in, and gave him our phone number. He then stood at the window and called. huh? what are you thinking...hmph. i eventually shut my window- awkward.

*we had a power outage at work today. slightly exciting. im five.

*running on monday- i tripped. oh if only it was just a trip- my toe caught and there was no saving it. I harnessed my inner secret agent skills and somehow was able to sneak one more step in before rolling out of it onto the grass (instead of concrete driveway) I was up in seconds continuing on the run. pride- left on the grass.

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