Saturday, April 7, 2012

a saturday to kill the energizer bunny...

today was the day that just kept going. it was perfect. crazy- but I love the feeling of fulfillment you get at the end of a long day.

the day in list form.

7 am. Run 7 miles with Mary. Freeze, but because of said freezing feel absolutely no pain while running. defrosting was not the greatest. it was a pain in the knee. badumbchu.

9 am. Ward temple trip. complete with costco muffins before hand. oh the joy of free breakfast. i was still trying to thaw from the run.

11 am. Shopping. target style. I got the pants I had borrowed the night before.

noon. Baseball game with the lovely Brittnye Perry. Dave pitched 5 minutes after I had to leave.

2 pm. kayla's bridal shower. i stopped in long enough to say "I love you" and "Congratulations" before I had to run.

2:30 pm. Helping at Matt and Keri's. Today was another one of those days that I am blown away by the generosity of those around me, and the dear friends I have. 17 people from the ward came to help- it was amazing. We painted trim, and ceilings, and primed walls. Dry wall was put up, a deck fixed, windows washed, and lighting fixtures replaced. Keri said thank you by feeding us amazing Mexican Food. Oh how wonderful it tasted.

9:00 pm. Late night bike ride with people in the ward. While at M&K's they set me up on Matt's single speed bike so I could borrow it. It is a beautiful bike, and speedy. Meaning I was dying on the ride because I wanted to go super fast. dumb competitive nature. Patience and long suffering are things I need to work on.

10:30 pm. hot chocolate and talking.

11:45 pm. bed.

my thought on character for the day: being a hard worker is a very important trait. The nice thing about have people come and help is that it allows my family to meet the people I am surrounded by- and therefore my sister-in-law likes to point out "possible marriage candidates." it is amazing how directly correlated hard work is to them being chosen. Life is short- and to just muddle around isn't the way to live. give a hundred percent in everything you do. I wish I could say i was perfect at this- and heaven knows I am so far from where I can be, but i think through constant effort to really work hard we can get so much more from this life.

the end.

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