Monday, April 23, 2012

life without family?

Hall Family- Circa 2011
 I dont know how people survive being away from family. I have been so blessed to have family nearby for my whole college experience. Over the summer there was a moment where everyone was thinking of moving away. Matt and Keri to Micronesia and Becca to... somewhere besides provo. To say I was praying they would stay was an understatement. I didn't know what I would do without them. I am so grateful to have family so close. (Unfortunately, Becca and Jeff did end up moving to St. Louis in December).

Today I woke up feeling sad, lonely, and overwhelmed. I had just moved apartments and even though I was in the same apartment complex I was wishing I hadn't made the change. Mainly because I have realized I hate change- even though it always ends up better in the end- I always have a brief moment at the beginning where I don't want the change. I was feeling like everything that I had wanted, and thought was good in my life, was in fact not what I wanted. I wanted to rewind my life and stay stagnant. no bueno. So for the first time in a very long time I called my mom in hopes of advice. (I tend to be pretty independent, so I will call and update, but no so much a "what should I do" call). Voicemail. So I called Keri. 15 minutes later I was sitting talking with Keri as she fed me french toast. She hugged me, told me everything would be okay, and offered to help. I was so extremely grateful to have her there.

It ended up being a tender mercy that I was there because their basement flooded and I was able to help suck up water with their carpet cleaner. It was surprisingly therapeutic to drag the vacuum like cleaner across the carpet. We had to empty it 8 times, and we were still pulling up water. The joys of having a home, and leaving a hose on all night pointed towards house. Poor Matt and Keri can't catch a break. Helping them helped me to get outside of myself and stop thinking about my problems. Oh how I love service- and how I love family!

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