Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen

If you have an extra 7 minutes- this video depicts the last days of Christ's life and his resurrection. I love the hope that comes from Easter. Because Christ conquered death we are able to live with our father in heaven once again. He is my Savior. I know that he suffered for my sins and has felt my pain.

Church today was perfect. It happened to work out that fast and testimony meeting fell on the same day. I loved it because it meant I was able to listen to my peers and friends bare their testimony about Christ. While some testimony meetings will have an array of topics this one was centered purely around Christ and the Easter season. perfection.

Holidays are normally spent with family- however, matt and keri made the trek up to Logan to spend Easter with her family. My plan was to go to our ward "Break the fast" but Elyse, a girl I have become friends with in my Moral Foundations class invited me to join her and her husband for Easter dinner. It was amazing, and so kind of them.

It made me think- am I being a good friend to those around me? do I look out for people? It was something so little- just dinner- but it meant the world to me.

Easter was topped off with singing at the retirement home again. This time I got to talk to James, an old man from Mississippi. He was great- and left me with some wonderful words of wisdom. his simple advice was "Be Good" (said in his southern drawl). In a world that is constantly becoming more wicked, be good. it was simple but profound.

random tidbits.

coming home I talked with Kayla and Jenna in Kayla's hammock. We talked and I pushed them back and forth- when all of a sudden we heard a crack. Our eyes simultaneously looked at the hook then back at each other before they came crashing to the ground. luckily no serious injury was sustained except for the fact that the screw flew into jenna cutting her head. it was hysterical and terrifying all at the same time.

we watched prince of egypt and ate pie- i feel asleep. best. hostess. ever.

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