Sunday, April 1, 2012

does life get any better?

day two of general conference. oh the love I have for conference weekend. It was back to the langley to watch. I love being edified by the leaders of the church. I sat there pen in hand furiously scribbling down notes, thoughts, and things I could improve.

President Uchtdorf gave an amazing talk on not judging. His simple two word sermon was simply "STOP IT" He shared with us a bumper sticker he had seen that had said "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you" I sat there thinking of my own life. I am soo very far from perfect- but yet at times I judge other people. I made a conscious decision that I was going to take his advice and stop it. After all how hard could it be. I am sad to say I didn't even make it a day. It was the second session and I sat there watching people play on their phones in front of me, and I was getting so frustrated and judging them. I had heard just hours before how we shouldn't judge and I had decided I was going to implement that into my life- and here I was judging them just a little bit later.

I feel like in life it so easy to say you are going to change, or to change outward things. It is easier to change what you say, or how much you exercise, but it is so hard to change the way you think. It is so ingrained into who we are- how do we do it? I think it starts with small steps. You dont say anything judgmental. You call yourself out when you think it, and make yourself compliment the person. You look for the good. And then hopefully with time, and with heavenly father's help you get to the point where it doesnt even cross your mind. It is amazing how many time I say Im going to look for the good, and how the worth of souls is so important- but how easily the natural man slips in.

I love 1 John 4. It talks all about love- it mentions how God is in all of us, and later says those who say they love God and dont love their neighbor our liars. If you think about it- we are all heavenly father children, and therefore we have a part of him in us- plus we have his spirit to be with us. Cali and I talked one night in Stratford upon Avon about how we need to look for the bit of heavenly father in those people we struggle with. It is so true- and so hard at times.

the rest of the day though was perfect. our ward is wonderful. the boys at the langley house made lunch for us all- and the ward just sat there eating and talking in between sessions. After conference we went to a friend's house and played games (hand and foot) while some people made dough for soft pretzels. We twisted our pretzels and then a group of us were off to sing at Jamestown retirement home. I fell in love with the elderly people there. They would sing along and smile back. I made a friend in Gladys. She was amazing. We talked and it was perfect. I couldn't get enough- and felt such joy being there. We came home to freshly baked soft pretzels and sat around talking until it was time to head home and go to bed. I came home as happy as could be and then was surprised by a visit from friends from the Colony (jenny and sarah). It was great to catch up with them and hear about their life for the last little while. Life is just so wonderful- i am so grateful.

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