Friday, March 30, 2012

Does he have a seeing eye dog?

Dear time,
Please slow down. You are going too quickly.

I feel like my life is flying by in the blink of an eye. I felt like just yesterday was Monday and it is already Friday. Where is the time going? Have you noticed in your life that when things are going well time goes faster but as trials come (or you are in a boring class) time seems to stop. Why is that?

Today was another grand day. With my few extra minutes in the day I ran over to Matt and Keri's to help Keri while she tiled. I am proud to say I learned how to back butter. Sounds intense, right? All you do is spread the tiling gook (or adhesive) on the back of the tile. Keri was a speedy mcspeederson doing it and I was as slow as a turtle being terrified I would mess something up. Soon Ethan woke up and my efforts were quickly turned to making sure he didn't destroy the house. However, the little munchkin is perfect (well almost) and sat on the carpet outside the bathroom just holding the next tile keri would need in his lap (which was the size of him) and then trying his very hardest to hand it to her. Ethan's help didn't stop there- he ran with me to Lowe's to pick up some more tile adhesive for Keri. Embarrassing moment time. We were at Lowes, Ethan chillin in the cart, me pushing the cart having no clue where to find said material. I asked a nice looking worker dude for help finding it- he quickly led the way and life was grand. We found it and he asked if I needed help. It wasn't a huge bag so I politely said, "I think i've got it." After all I have been going to the gym. I was wrong. It might have been small but oh brother was it dense. I went to pick it up and immediately dropped in because of the other things in my hand. I set the things down and then struggled to get the bag into the cart. Moral of the story. accept service.

So my moral/character thought of the day. Keri gave me her credit card to buy the adhesive. As I went to check out I felt like such a little sneak, after all my name was not keri. It was under 25 dollars so I didn't have to sign anything but he asked for a phone number. I felt awkward as I got out my phone to give him Keri's number. But it made me think of when parent's call in pretending to be their son/daughter to get information. Am I holding a double standard? I get super frustrate with these parents who are lying in order to get information, when a lot of times their child has asked them to call. Keri had asked me to use her credit card, but does that change the fact that I was not keri? As I've thought about it I keep making the excuses- It just made life easier, it is like she had given me cash, I was helping her out. But aren't those the same excuses the parent's calling in would say? Hmph.

After our adventure to Lowe's I rushed home to get ready for a blind date. One of the many joys of single-hood. It was perfect weather outside and having the wind blow through our apartment made life near perfect. What made it perfect was a friend coming over and catching up which I got ready. I would quickly finish doing my hair, or getting changed, and then we would just sit and talk- or go and look out over the balcony. I am in love with spring time and our balcony. It is one thing I will miss next year at the duplex.

The date was great. Dinner and frozen yogurt, a classic first date. But I was amazed at the lack of blind date stereotypeness. I have come to the point in my life where I am fine with blind dates. I take them as a grain of salt. It is an opportunity to meet someone new, have fun, and if you don't have fun you never have to see them again. Two things I have learned to avoid. Blind dates right after a serious relationship (they will never compare, and they dont really care about you), and getting set up by your single friends (why aren't they dating them if they are so great?). I am always shocked at the number of people who end up getting married off of a blind date. Meet Becca and Jeff. They were set up by two non-member friends. It is amazing to me. This could be because most blind dates feel like an interview. Where are you from? What is your major? How many kids are in your family? I think that is what made this blind date refreshing. It was not an interview. Good work.

The night ended with the typical doorstep scene. oh wait. not typical. I had forgotten my keys. Luckily a party was going on in the ward, so I walked him back to his car on my way to the party. No worries, my roommate was home, i just didn't think to knock. And my other roommate had left a key for me under the mat, however, I didn't check my phone while on the date.

The night ended talking about the mysteries of love and dating with a friend in the ward as we watched hitch. We talked about our "types." His came down to four things. I feel like it is impossible to make a list of your type- after all we are single because we haven't found them yet. There are the essentials- a strong testimony, loving, etc, but a lot of the rest are preferences. Does it really matter if he is tall or short? Dark hair or blonde? I have found my "list" has come from dating experience- you learn what you like and what you dont like...that is the point of dating after all. Becca once put it perfectly when she put it "Marriage is deciding if you can live with the bad." No one is going to be perfect, after all we are all human. But can you handle the things they are missing? Are the deal breakers?

Anyways enough of my rant on dating. the end.

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