Saturday, March 17, 2012

dear service. you are wonderful.

service. it is an amazing and unselfish thing. I am bewildered at times at the service people perform. this saturday was one of the times where I was blown away at the kindness and generosity of those around me.

meet matt and keri. they are remodeling their house. they have until may 1st to get everything done. meet ellie. their sister. who likes to help but does not know how to do much besides paint and play with kids. meet my amazing friends (im sick of the third personness) who spent their saturday helping at their house. they had never met them. had no connection. yet gave up a huge chunk of their saturday to help our family. I am so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful selfless people.

what was accomplished in one afternoon:
  • panelling taken off a wall
  • a wall torn down
  • some wallpaper removed (before learning it would be better to just prime over it.)
  • a room primed (two coats)
  • light fixtures replaced
  • a chandelier taken down
  • dry wall, and mudding/tapping done in a closet
  • rotten boards in the deck replaced
  • a closet painted
  • put up fence posts
  • changed a tire
  • watched kids...
holy hannah!! its amazing everything that got done. and how generous everyone was. some were their for over 6 hours. 

it says a lot about the CHARACTER (after all this is for my integrity and character building class) if a person is willing to give up their own time for another. my sister-in-law turned to me at the end and said "any of the four left would make great husband material" i smiled and laughed but couldn't help but think that that is a quality I would want in my future spouse. Someone who is a hard worker and selfless all at the same time.

something i have noticed over the years are there are the people who are kind and friendly to those they are interested in and those who are kind to all those around them. my suggestion to the world. be the latter. 

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