Friday, March 16, 2012

a yellow balloon with a smiley face.

there are times when everything just seems to fall into place and i just cant get enough of life. meet friday.

it started with a normal slow day at work. complete with popsicles for treat friday. we all talked and laughed in between calls, and the calls I did have involved no mean callers. woowhoo.

then it was off to Moral Foundations of Family Life. love. and because Dr. Olson is so amazing a camera crew was there because they are doing a feature on him for BYU TV because of an award he just won... because. They asked for people who wouldn't mind being interviewed about Dr. Olson and his class. I looked down at myself. It was another "roll out of bed throw a skirt on" morning. My hair was in a messy bun and i had no make-up on. I sat in shock as I felt my hand raise- i would do anything for this professor- even sing his praise on television feeling gross. the interview was great- and just got to tell them what made Dr. Olson so amazing and what was so important about the subject material we were learning about.

after class it was off to training for work. this weeks topic... positive attitude. What is so important about a positive attitude and why do we care at work? well folks who wants to be helped by a negative nancy? not me. The best part came at the end when they passed at yellow balloons with a smiley face and told us we had to find someone on campus to give it away to. Ashley and I walked out together- balloons in tow- excited and a little nervous to give them away, but still as giggly as ever. I saw someone laying on the grass studying human physiology. studying is never that fun- so I ran and gave him my balloon. I was amazed first at the confidence I had while giving it away, but also by his reaction. He was genuinely happy to be getting this yellow balloon with a smiley face. I couldn't help but picture him going home that day at telling his roommates about this random balloon he got and how it made his day a little better. I left feeling like a million bucks. The sun was shining and life was just perfect.

It is amazing the joy that is given us when we serve. even in those small moments, or random acts of service- to know you have done something to help another person is an amazing feeling. What would the world be like if we all were service minded. If we constantly looked for ways we could help others rather than being caught up in our own little world. We have been talking in my LDS Perspectives on Psychology class about Self-Image and how we shouldn't have one. We should not focus inwards but rather know that we are nothing without the savior and turn outwards. I have found in my life when I am going through a difficult time one of the best things I can do is help another person. No matter how sad i think my life is, there is always someone whose life is harder than mine- and it helps to put it all in perspective. I have been very blessed in my life with a loving family, with parents who have a wonderful marriage, and have had many opportunities placed before me that are not offered to others. To sit and wallow in self-pity is a waste of this life and the time we have. Live each day to the fullest, and look outside yourself. that is the moral of todays message.

other random tidbits:

this is anne pearson's last weekend before she goes home for her mission. i am so incredibly sad- i will miss that girl lots and lot. tonight we (her, me, alison, and diana) went to the hospital, grabbed some dinner (at the hospital- that was the reason for the visit) and then we were off to rock canyon to eat and catch up. we then made our way to JCWs who supposedly have the best shakes ever...we got the grasshopper...i thought i was eating toothpaste (they put too much mint in ours) but even though it was super minty it was delicious.

im doing the lazyman iron man. i have four weeks to complete an iron man. how anyone does that in a day is beyond me. so today was the biking day. a short short biking day- but we have 4 miles down biking. 13 miles down running. and 6 will be added to that tomorrow morning at the rex lee run.

im running the rex lee run tomorrow. i am going to die. but for real. my muscles were sore yesterday and i have done nothing to help that- especially considering after JCW's we hiked the Y. i am going to die. wish me luck.

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  1. Hey you don't know me but I graduated from BYU a few years ago. I heard about the "LDS Perspectives on Psychology" (and via google searches I found that I think you took the class?) recently and I really want to hear the lectures ... but like I said, I'm no longer at BYU. Did you by chance make audio recordings of the lectures when you took it?? Or do you remember anybody else that was in your class that I could contact with the same question? You can contact me at