Thursday, March 29, 2012

loving the outdoors and Rachel Robinson

oh boy my little eyes are sleepy tonight. it could be from the paper I just finished- or the chalked full day. but i blog. why? tonight. tonight it is simply because I have to for a project (to be honest). but I am sure years down the road I will be grateful for this record of my life and thoughts. plus typing takes a lot less energy.

today was another wonderful day. I keep waiting for the bottom to fall out- life has just been too good. That being said- i would be okay if that didn't happen.

so what made today wonderful.

- student employee appreciation day at work meant that for staff meeting we got to eat cake and just talk. Im okay getting paid to do my two favorite things.

- curtis was amazing and covered my last half an hour so I could leave early

- I got to play with little Ethan today. We went on a walk and played at the park. he is the cutest. I miss being a little kid, but today going down the slides was heavenly. Also on our walk home we saw a filming crew at one of the houses. I asked what was going on- they were filming a halmark film, Doorway (i think thats what it was called)... look for it.

-the lovely Rachel Robinson came into town. which is a great joy in and of itself. we went for a run up in the canyon. perfection. we dropped a car off at the bottom and then drove up farther to start our run. we had ran for approximately 5 minutes when rach realized she had left her keys in my car- so with a little bit of back tracking we were off. It was a perfect run- I love the canyon, and love the sound of water. It was great to just talk and catch up on life. The run flew by (it probably helped that it was a short little guy)

- dinner at Zupas. sitting outside. perfection.

- a surprise "we love rachel robinson" party. It was great to see old friends that came to see Rach. She is so wonderful- i have missed her lots since she moved to salt lake. I lost a running buddy- she has always been someone who helps me want to be better. She is so great at seeing the best in people and being positive. She also is great at getting involved with service opportunities- something I could definitely improve on.

the rest of the night wasn't as wonderful, but still good. It just involved a mug of hot cocoa and writing a paper. oh the joys of school. side note: judy garland had a tough life. thats all.


  1. I know! She had a super tough life. I did a report on her after we got back from London and totally cried.

  2. ps at first i thought you were talking about rachel...