Monday, March 19, 2012

La Vita E Bella

Life is Beautiful.

This phrase might be among my favorites. That could be why it's the title of my blog. Im not sure what brought the inspiration- it might have been the song by Vega 4 that is one of my favorites or the wonderful Italian Film.

Tonight this phrase was reiterated to me as we watched the movie for a class. I sat and watched Guido as he made the most of life- and he lived every second- and when he looked on the bright side even when life was absolutely horrible. I absolutely love Guido. love love LOVE him. i think he is absolutely perfect.

The movie was perfect. I dont know why movies are not made the way they used to be. We sat there stunned in silence as the movie ended. Tears would come at random moments (after it finished). The beauty of the film, the horrible events depicted, and the heart-wrenching ending- there was no way one could hold their emotions in.

At the very beginning of the film Guido is talking with his friend about will power. His friend turned to him and said "with willpower you can do anything. i am what i want to be." Isn't it amazing to think that we can be anyone we want to be. We have the ability to choose who we want to be.

There are times in life where I just feel awkward and out of place. Normally when I'm around people who I am unsure if they like me. It's amazing how confidence can bring out who you truly are or who you want to be. Being around people who I know adore  me makes me feel like I can do anything and wont be judged- while with others I feel like I am walking on egg shells or auditioning. dumb, right? But I can be what I want to be- i dont have to let others affect how I act.

I have recently felt like I have been so blessed in my life. There is nothing out of the ordinary- just work and school. but life has truly been beautiful. It might be the budding spring weather (despite the recent snow), or the budding friendships- it might be everything combined which has made life so wonderful.

random tidbits:

we are making a video for FHE- i am an FHE group leader, and unfortunately my co-leader is extremely busy so he can rarely come. meaning he is not there to help lead. i am fine with being in charge. and at times i like it. but when it comes to making videos I HATE being in charge. hate hate hate it. that could be part of my awkwardness lately. hmph.

tomorrow is  the beautiful maggie sigler's birthday. so tonight it was off to McDonald's to watch her pound 24 kiddie cones. she impressed once again. now it is on to watching "She is the Man" while catching up on homework. oh the joys- im just not looking forward to waking up for work in the morning. no bueno.

today was a 16 mile bike ride while watching the incredibles at the gym. i felt like i had embodied the hall family name. bike riding check. the incredibles (which has been watched many times in a row by james).

running into old friends is one of the best things ever. especially when they take you to lunch. thank you stephen meyer. you are grand.

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