Thursday, March 22, 2012

let the odds be ever in your favor...

today felt like summer. it might be because I dont have classes on Thursday, or the fact that the rest of my day was spent playing.

the morning started off with tears as I drove Anne to the Provo Airport to go home before her mission. I had been to tired the night before to write her a note so I decided I would just tell her in person what I had wanted to write. BAD IDEA. I now know why I love notes so much, because I can keep my emotions in check and not be a blubbering fool. It was fun to take her to the Provo Airport- I had never been there before. Thank you frontier for now coming to Provo.

It was then off to work until 2- the day seemed to go faster than usual which I was very happy about. Then it was home to get stuff done before Fly Fishing.

yes thats right- fly fishing.
I was talking to a boy in my ward and mentioned that I had never caught a fish that I can remember- or really gone fishing for that matter. So he was a doll (ehh...action figure style) and took me. We had waders and all. I learned quickly that I am not the best fly fisher in the world. He was kind and patient with me as I tried and tried to get the cast just right. And shielded me as i almost hooked us- no worries I never succeeded in almost killing us. I was as giddy as could be walking around in the river staying as dry as could be.

i am sad to say we didn't catch a fish- but we did hook one. Jon said it was a big one- i was just freaking out and giggling because I didnt know what I was doing. Unfortunately, the fish was a smart one and got us hooked on the bottom and broke the line. Sneaky little bugger.
my huge boots. aka jon's boots i wore. i was clanking around like there was no tomorrow.
It was home for .5 seconds and off to eat Lamb (really beef) and Plum stew before the Hunger Games. We had tickets for the early premiere at 8:00 which was perfect considering I can't stay awake through a Midnight showing if my life depended on it.

The movie was extremely well done. It followed the book for the most part and the casting was perfect. As we got in the car to go home we analyzed the movie- which might be my favorite. It was a hard movie to watch. You read the books and know that the premise is people killing each other, but to see it depicted is different. It is a movie I am glad I saw, and thought was amazing, but Im not sure if I would say "hey guys, lets watch the hunger games this weekend." While it showed many inhumane moments- it also showed a lot of amazing things about humanity. Like when Katniss volunteers as tribute to save her sister. Or when Rue dies, and later the boy from District 11 saves Katniss' life. How Katniss risked her life to save Peeta. The list goes on and on.

So my question about character, integrity, and the hunger games- is it okay to kill someone if you are protecting yourself and you have to? 

the night ended with a brief scare that my laptop was stolen- luckily a friend had it to work on editing our video for our wards academy awards night tomorrow, and the rest of the night was spent editing some more. I am proud to say it is done- it might not be good but it is done. A link will come shortly to watch the amazingness...

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