Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mr Golden Sun...

I have found there is a direct correlation between my mood and the weather. I am always amazed how happy I am on a sun shiney day. Spring is in the air folks- and it makes me sooo happy.

Monday was an absolutely perfect day. PERFECT! I came home from school wanting to do anything and everything outside. I was tempted to hike the Y, go for a forever long run, play at a park- everything. As I sat there trying to figure out how I could make the most of this beautiful day my roommate walked in from a bike ride. I know we aren't supposed to covet but I was as jealous as could be. I mentioned something about how a bike ride sounded idillic. Her response, "want to go? I have another bike." are you serious! i would love nothing more! we rode through the streets and down to utah lake. we walked our bikes out onto the dock. The sun was shining and life was perfect.

the day continued in perfection as we went and got frozen yogurt and sat outside while people watching. off topic- or ironic- but i also find when the weather gets nice I have a strong desire to eat healthy. i crave fresh fruits and vegetables constantly. salads sound heavenly. so i have decided to do my best to be as healthy as possible (except for the random runs for fro yo or an occasional cookie.. who can say no to a homemade chocolate chip cookie?). Becca when she got married left me with a cook book full of healthy recipes. I am so excited to start trying to make them. Today, sans cookbook, I made chicken noodle soup. whole wheat noodles, fresh vegetables.. delicious! 

Life is just good. 

tuesday was filled with work, and an absolutely amazing devotional by Dallan Moody. He talked about his handicapped son who had passed away less than a month earlier. He inspired the crowd with his faith through trials. His view on the opportunity to raise a son who was severely handicapped was absolutely amazing. I wish I looked so positively through the trials in my own life. Then it was off to the temple, which is always wonderful. I feel so blessed to have one so close. 

I was able to finally talk to Becca. We had been playing phone tag for the last week or so. We talked as I walked up to my class that started at 4. nope. 5. but i got there at four. We talked and caught up and then I did homework as I sat outside waiting for the class to begin. It is a personal integrity and character building class. I am so excited for it. I love classes where we just talk about what it means to be human. Classes that make me a better person rather than just an educated person. I left class early to have a sister-in-law date with Keri. Half a cafe rio salad later we were searching for things for her house. I love having family close, and being able to strengthen relationships with them.

I had the wonderful opportunity of spending Saturday morning with cute little ethan. He is absolutely adorable. He tagged along for breakfast with an old roommate and then we made our way to the bean museum. He loooved the snow still on the ground so we had a snowball fight. The only thing that could rival his love for the snow was the window. While we drove he loved playing with the window, rolling it up and down. I have a window lock, but when I locked it he would look at me and do the sign for please. It would melt my heart. We got back to his house with him still awake and decided to go back for a drive so he could fall asleep. He drank his milk, got all comfy, and then pretended to snore- he was asleep in 30 seconds. But it was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen.

I rushed home from being with Keri to go swimming with Holly. I wish I could say that swimming this time was as enjoyable as before, but it was rough. Dont get me wrong it was still great- but my heart hurt. no bueno. holly was nice and agreed to pull my body out of the water if I had a heart attack so I wouldnt get pruny for my funeral. I am glad to say I didn't have a heart attack. We decided it was from being sick the week before.

the wonderful week was topped off with good news followed by better news today. good news. an apartment i fell in love with that was full is now...not full. alison and i giggled for a good five minutes. better news. dr gant was sick today (that part isnt good) but it meant that class was cancelled-ish. aka we took the quiz and were done.

the night was topped with the nicklecade, fro yo (the eating healthy thing is tricky), and wacky wednesday aka playing wacky six...aka nertz. 

moral of the story. im getting pumped for spring. life is good. correction. life is great.

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