Thursday, March 1, 2012

blogs are great...

blogs are great...but journals are better.

I love blogging. It is a fast easy way to document my life. To share some funny stories or adventures with the world. To share my musings on life. My whole life I have had a goal to keep a journal and have always failed. While in london was the first time that I consecutively wrote in a journal of sorts (my blog) for over a two weeks. miracle of miracles. but there is something about writing something you know other people are going to read. You sensor yourself. you dont share those personal things on your mind. You are writing for an audience not for yourself. So today as my mind spun with things from this last week, and I didnt know what to do with them. I grabbed my computer- turned on some music- and then put it down and grabbed my journal. I wrote and wrote spilling my thoughts onto the pages. Not for anyone to read but simply to release them.

i find it ironic that I am now blogging about the joy of not blogging. but it was a wonderful thing to just sit and physically write them down, not type. My hand had to swirl, loop, cross every 't' and dot every "i."

while some of my thoughts are just for me- here are some other random tidbits of my life.

my immune system and i are not friends. i get sick all the time. its the worstest. over the three day weekend i went home and spend sunday night throwing up. this sunday I spent without a voice and a constant sniffle. dear cold. you can go away now.

i bought a new tooth brush on tuesday as well as more toothpaste and mouth wash. I am now obsessed with brushing my teething and swishing mouth wash around my pearly whites. Nothing beats that clean minty feeling. mmmmm. i love it.

i struggle with my night class. it is two hours listening to a professor who for whatever reason just bothers me. This wednesday was the happiest day ever. why you ask? because we had a guest lecturer, and it just so happened to be Terry Olson, who is probably my favorite professor I have ever had. He spoke about what we have learned about in SFL 480, and while I had already learned it I soaked every moment in.

Today I got a call from the lovely Calianne Brown. No, not on my cell phone but at Student Services. Somebody loved us, because of the 6 associates on the phone I got the call. happy day. it was towards the end of my shift so I went and visited her afterwards. she brings joy into my life. Also we have decided we both want to run the St. George Marathon. will this actually happen? i have no idea- but i sure hope so.

happy 18th birthday Justin Bieber- i am excited to celebrate this blessed even later tonight.

did you know there is a shop in London that sells food imported from London. TRUTH. it was amazing. last saturday Lauren, Amber, Cami, and I made the trek. Did i spend way to much money on digestives? yes. did i care? only slightly. Lauren was a doll and had groupons for the bakery so she got us all lots of yumminess. Sunday breakfast was a scone, and lunch a pasty. I was in heaven.

the random tidbits could go on for ages... but for real. i am cutting myself off.

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