Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday in the Park, I think it was the... 24th of March

I grew up listening to the band Chicago. I loved belting along as loud as i could- "if you see me walking by and the tears are in my eyes, look away baby look away" I think I did a pretty good rendition. Im sure part of my love of the band was attributed to the fact that I grew up in Chicago. The song of theirs that runs through my head on a semi-regular basis is Saturday in the Park. Especially if it is Saturday and I go to a park (makes sense.)


Last night I had fallen asleep on our big couch upstairs. I love those couches...lots. We have found that our loft gets a perfect breeze if you open up both of the windows, meaning I could cuddle up with blankets and not get hot. perfection. what was weird was that I woke up cuddled up with blankets on the small couch. I have no recollection of switching couches. My list of things I do in my sleep in getting quite long now. Sleep talking, sleep diving, and now sleep walking. Oh brother.

The afternoon was filled with "Love's Labors Lost," BYU's production of a Shakespearean Comedy. It was perfect. The play was set during WWII, and was full of energy. I LOVED it. They mixed some swing in which made my life happy- and made me miss Bill. During intermission they invited people to come on stage and dance to the live band. We sat and talked, but I couldnt help remember my Senior year of high school when we had gone to the Swingsingers show. They sang "Unforgettable" and invited everyone up to dance. No one moved. My dad grabbed my hand and we went up. We danced- and it was perfect.

family dance party at Becca's wedding.
dancing with the old man. it might be what I look forward to most at my own someday wedding.
It's funny how it is something so small but means the world to me. I was dating a guy a little while back and we went to a wedding reception where there was dancing. We didn't dance. That night we talked- I realized the things I would have to give up if we got married. Growing up dancing in the kitchen with my dad, and dancing with another boy I dated has made that something I look for. It was hard for me to think that I we were to get married that wouldn't be a part of our life. We talked, and he was perfect and said that it wasn't something I would have to give up- that he would dance with me.  As I was sitting there, on a date, I couldn't help but think about what I value in dating. What are the important characteristics? Do I NEED someone who will dance with me while cleaning up from dinner, or just someone who loves me? I think there are thing that are critical but other things that are just preferences- the really questions is how picky can you be, and what constitutes settling.

Tangent over. the play was great though. Full of comical moments. good times.

The rest of the night was planned to be spent at the Real Salt Lake Game with our Pass of all Passes, but plans changed. We decided we just wanted a relaxing night in Provo full of frozen yogurt, food from the hospital (a foot long corndog is only $1.75... amazing!), and a bike ride- followed of course with a movie and hot chocolate. Did the night go according to plan? no sir.

i cleaned and talked to the lovely becca, then we found out we had two free ice cream opportunities so scratch fro yo. then it was off to the hospital for din din but i was still stuffed from dateness. so al got food and it was off to a park. the best park in provo. it has a river with a bridge (perfect for pooh sticks) and a playground with swing, and pavilions, and a forest with trails, AND a pond with ducks! perfection.

look at that corndog... so so soooooo good.

i am so excited for spring/summer 

squeeze drinks...soo good.
Alison's lotion exploded in her purse. no bueno seniorita.
the night was finished off with a birthday party. make that two birthday parties. and then getting served Ice Cream because the boys thought we had General Relief Society Meeting. we didnt- but they still gave us ice cream. by this time we were feeling sickly full of sugar so it was home to watch Madagascar 2.

while things didn't go as planned it was a perfect, relaxing night.

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