Monday, March 26, 2012

the girl in the bejewel headband.

people amaze me. I love seeing civility in action. People who are kind to those they dont even know.

I left for school with an uncharged computer once again, but this time I remembered to bring my charger. I had an hour break before class and the plan was to charge that sucker up. Oh wait. I was covering for someone on that hour- and there were no outlets where I was. Plan change. I would just plug it in near where I sit in the class before I would need it. Problem- there were no outlets near where we were sitting. I went on a search and found an outlet 10 rows back. Here is the dilemma- do I leave my computer charging by itself or do I just take notes by hand in my next class. note the next class is with Susan Easton Black who talks faster than a bullet train.

meet Olivia. the girl sitting on the end right by the outlet. my saving grace. I plugged in my computer and turned to her. "hey, if I leave this here will you make sure no one steals it?" we then went on to joke about kung fu moves. Instant friends. Class went by quickly and it was time to go. I tried to rush to get to my computer to save it from feet walking up the aisle (even though it was tucked away by a garbage can- accidents can happen). I get  to the aisle look up, and there is Olivia smiling holding my computer and charger all packed up. She had gotten it all ready, and saved it from clumsy feet. I wish I knew her better than our 20 second conversation. She was a saint.

other random tidbits of the day:

we had a ward FHE tonight. it was perfect. we went bowling. I am a very inconsistent bowler, I have learned. but excited was the time I got two strikes in a row. It was cause for much celebration. A few frames later I got a three. hmmmm. but i am proud to say I broke 100- meaning it was a good game. final score. 107.

I was able to get to bed early last night. It was perfect. minus the fact that I was wide awake. So while I went to my bed at 10:30 I ended up staying awake writing in my journal until midnight, and was still wide awake. I have realized how much I love getting to bed early. I love the winding down of a day. Sitting in bed reading, or writing about thoughts I don't want to share with the world. Perfection.

cardio cinema is my favorite. today was superman returns and a 14 mile bike ride. 60 miles done. 52 more to go before  April 6th.

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