Sunday, May 22, 2011

as luck would have it...

i love church. its true. what i do not love is waking up at 6 30 am for church after going to bed at 2. my own fault. not smart. this especially leads to wishes that stake conference (which is at the building that is a 10 minute walk away) was this week instead of next. so instead we hoped on the tube and started our 1.5 hr journey.

our luck.

carli came with us this week to see her good friend who is serving a mission in london and happened to be in our ward. we made the connection that he knew her our first week. our luck. he was transfered a week earlier. sad day.

we made great time this week. normally something goes wrong- we get off at the wrong stop, the trains arent going from liverpool- but this time we were feeling confident as we sat on the train that we would get there with time to spare. however, we got to our stop and the doors wouldnt open- it was the funniest. everyone was freaking out and we all watched sadly as the train left the ilford station and we were still on it. the smart decision was to get off at the next station so we did. the train to go back to ilford got there right as we were getting off- so we ran, and watched it pull away when we were 20 steps away.

so we found the bus. waited. caught the bus. and got to church only 5 minutes late.

church was wonderful. primary was great. casmin and i were set to teach the older kids but the teacher walked in right as we were about to start- so we went back to sharing time to see what they needed us to do. we just sat and listened and then split off with the little kids. i was soo happy when they said they needed someone for nursery. it was me and just one little guy named daniel. he was so shy at first. i asked him his name. no response. age. not a word. but we played with one of the little wood block maze things that they always have at doctors offices (for a lack of a better way of saying it) and i got him to laugh. we had a competition for who could get it through faster- he owned me. but it was perfect because it made him loosen up and then he would talk to me. he was adorable. we did puzzles and he was the smartest kid ever... he rocked those puzzles and he was only three.

we decided not to stay for choir because we were all dying. i think we all fell asleep at one point.

then it was just home, lunch, blogging, skype, and other things that just take time. its amazing at how fast time goes.

we then had our fireside which was just everyone telling about their travel week. it was amazing to hear where everyone went, and made me want to travel the world. lets just say i will have to start saving now so i can backpack through europe. the only problem was- it was long. there were 8 groups, and people took a long time, telling all their stories- which was amazing, but meant everyone burned out quickly. we did ours way fast because we wanted to be done, and nobody was really paying attention.

then just dessert (corners- these yummy yogurt things), talking, more blogging and putting pictures on facebook, and then a skype date. it meant another late night for ellie. sleep depravation is my new best friend.

ps sorry no pictures.

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