Sunday, May 29, 2011

a day of rest.

 i love sundays. love love love them.

today was stake/regional conference. which means instead of leaving the flat at 7 30 we left at 9 15. instead of traveling for an hour and a half via tube, train, and possibly bus, we walked 10 minutes and were there.

i got there early to make get a spot and to just take time to read my scriptures and ponder. my study has recently been focusing on the savior and his ministry. i love the lessons we can learn from the savior.

the conference itself was wonderful! absolutely wonderful. it was broadcast from the conference in salt lake and we got to hear from a member of the seventy, Barbara Thompson, L. Tom Perry, and President Monson. it was phenomenal. some of the gems.
  • bind yourselves to act on the impressions you receive, take notes, make the change, otherwise it is useless 
  • the lord doesn't put us through a test to give us a grade. it is to change us through the process 
  • we limit ourselves in so many ways. we limit our potential, we limit our change. we think to ourselves "i cant do that" when in fact we can. especially with the lord on our side. 
  • act on promptings you have immediately. dont wait to become better. have faith, and take the jump 
  • things come without warning, we must steady ourselves and then move on. but we can strengthen ourselves for those times through prayer, scripture study, and following the prophet. 
  • everyone is someone's mother, father, son, daughter, friend- treat them as such. how would you want someone to treat your family. 
  • if you dont try, you dont do, and if we dont do then why are we here? 
  • see christ in every face you see, and act accordingly 
it was chalked full of great lessons and things to ponder on. i wish i could go back and watch it five more times to get those little things you miss as your mind wanders. today mine wandered a lot to efy. what i needed to have my parents bring to the airport from home. how i would get to the first session from the airport. what i would miss in the two day i wont be there. how i have no idea what im doing. as my mind started reeling out of control. i stopped. and just realized everything would be fine, and worrying would do absolutely nothing.

we came home and it was off to the kitchen along with everyone else. i think at one point there were 12 girls in the kitchen. after a delicious lunch it was time to blog, and figure things out for efy. emails. training. and watching videos later. i was still feeling a little uneasy, but a little bit better. recommendation- dont go straight from london to efy. give yourself time to prepare. just a thought.

a sunday nap was in order and was wonderful- and then we had our sunday devotional. and it was wonderful. adding it to the already wonderful sunday. addison, patrick, and preston talked about their missions and shared some great insights. one of my favorite things was the very first thing addison talked about. he talked about psalms 37 which in his words says- "do good, trust God, and dont worry" how applicable to life. especially to the worries we feel.

other random tidbits of the day.
we tried a mars bar today- after hearing all the rage our expectations were set high. expectations were not met. its like a three musketeers but not as good in my opinion. it tasted funny. 
its this beautiful girls birthday today. happy birthday lauren! 

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