Friday, May 27, 2011

orange you glad you went to the market.

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival." - C. S. Lewis

Sleep. I love sleep. a lot. it sometimes means i dont want to get out of bed. but sometimes i do it anyways, get dressed for a run, and then use logic to convince everyone we should go back to sleep. perfection. sleep is so much more enjoyable when you know you are getting extra. i am a fan of setting my alarm early on a saturday and getting to change the alarm for another hour after it goes off. sleeping in is so much more enjoyable when you know you are doing it!

the first thing on the list of events today was the orangery for tea. so we spent time getting all dolled up for our afternoon tea and then made our way across the street to kensington gardens and to the Orangery. 
there is a huge mirror outside of our flat. it is a vanity mirror. every time we walk out of the flat, or in from something everyone glances in the mirror and does a little "fixing"- just imagine what it was like walking out with 8 girls (amberly is taking the picture). ashlee, cami, me, elly, chelsey, cali, lauren all before heading out the door.
the walk over.

we made it. so so beautiful

everything looked so delicious it was hard to decide what to get. the winner was a fruit scone with english clotted cream (which is basically butter, but better) and jam and then hot chocolate. 
cali pondering what to get as well. we all got the same thing. no worries. except chelsey got a chamomile tea.
it was absolutely delicious. the hot chocolate was soo rich, but scrumptious. it will be hard not to go back every day. the scone was to die for.

chelsey's tea came with sugar cubes. i love sugar. we may or may not have eaten some of the sugar cubes plain. it was grand,, and made me hit my sugar limit for the day. my stomach wasnt the biggest fan of me at that moment.
that reminds me. of late my stomach hates me again. it has been a while since i can remember it acting up like this. i thought i was in the clear, but its the weirdest- its mainly only been at night, when im laying in bed, i will all of a sudden feel like i am going to throw up. its been happening for the last four nights. keep your fingers crossed that it wont happen tonight.

beautiful kensington palace. the gardens were absolutely stunning- just like cali

then it was home to do some homework that we had forgotten about before heading off for the day. once that was out of the way we made our way over to the national theater to get tickets for London Road later than night. Along the way there was a festival going on. There were all these decorated sheds which were way cute, but we couldn't figure out what they were for- besides taking pictures with of course.

it was our lucky day because there were still standing tickets available which were only five pounds. it was perfect. then it was off to borough market. we walked along the south bank. it was beautiful. we made it to borough and it was great. it is a huge food market and there are tons of samples. we got to try curry, and humus, and some granola. 

cami and i trying the curry
lauren took us to this place that had mushroom pate that we had to try. the only problem is im not a mushroom fan. but i decided i should be a big kid and at least try it. and it was delicious! it didnt have the creepy texture, and you couldnt even tell it was made with mushrooms. im in love. now does this mean i will branch out and eat mushroom galore. heck no. but i will be more open to trying something that has the word mushroom in it.
while wandering around we saw two of the actors from the tempest (miranda and stephano) there, and guess what...they are dating! we were all so excited, and should have said hi but were too nervous. im sure they would have been shocked considering the angel theater was so small. but it made our days.

after wandering around the whole market it was time for actual lunch. i had passed this curry that looked way good but it was mainly seafood, and due to the fact that i am not the biggest sea food girl (shoot i sound extremely picky) i was way bummed, but we walked past it again and i saw that they had two other huge pans i hadnt noticed the one was chicken marsala something and then a vietnamese curry. i got the vietnamese and it was delicious! see below.

doesnt that just look amazing. 
cali, lauren, and elly (not pictured) got these sandwiches that they absolutely loved. i still think mine was the most delicious thing in the world. but i love, love, love curry.
cami, ashlee, elly, and i at lunch. yum yum.
 after borough we continued with the market theme we ran back to camden. ashlee and cami hadnt been, and i was still thinking about a shirt that i wanted. i also copied cali and got her blue and white european striped shirt. its just so cute. but i got the guy to give me 2 for 25, which wasnt too bad. after camden we headed back to the national for the show. before the show we sat and listened to some jazz music. it was perfect and just so relaxing. i loved it. however i was super full, and had had a lot of water, and when i hiccuped i threw up (sorry that gross, but true) just in my mouth, but it was gross and i felt sick. it was one of those times you want to throw up just to feel better. except the fact that i have no gag reflex, and didnt want to have people at the national thinking i was bulimic. so i endured a few more throwy up hiccups and ended up surviving. miracle. i know.
sitting watching some sweet jazz.
this lady was my absolute favorite. she got up in her sparkly top and pants and was just wandering around the front dancing. she was perfect, and i wanted to go up and join her. unfortunately the whole feeling sick, and being nervous thing kept me on my chair.

 as for the show...
elly, ashlee, cami, and i before the show
it was interesting. it told the story of the murders of prostitutes in ipswich from the point of view of the people who lived there. it was verbatim meaning it used the words of actual people. there were a lot of "ummm"s and "like"s just the way we all speak. it was a musical in the sense where they sang a lot of the lines but not in the light fluffy type. there was a lot of dissonance in the songs and repeating and people singing over each other. it was really interesting. it didnt necessarily have a plot with a conflict but rather just gave the history and peoples feelings during it. we had standing tickets were great because they were cheap, but mean we all were way uncomfortable halfway through. i felt like a sixty year old man again with an achy back and hurting knees. i realize i lock my knees when i stand, so standing still for a long period of time is no bueno. we all plopped down during intermission to rest and get ready for the second half.
sitting was the bestest thing ever. i was so fidgety during the show.
one of the most amazing parts was the very ending. they covered the whole stage (it was a black box theater) with hanging plants. it was the most beautiful scene on stage i have ever seen. the play was good, i dont know if i would say i loved it- but definitely worth the five pounds.

ps a very happy birthday to my nephew lincoln today and Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary to the best parents in the world!! i am so very grateful they fell in love so many years ago!

arent they the cutest!

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