Sunday, May 8, 2011

the tube, and trains, and buses oh my.

first day of church in the stratford ward. it takes apprximately 1.75 hours to get there. meaning we were leaving our flat at 7 30 this morning. can i just say it isnt smart to go to bed around 2 when you have to wake up at 7. bad life decision ellie.

our journey started on the tube, the transfered to the train. we had one of those picturesque moments of running for the train as it was pulling away, no worries, we missed it. so we got on another one that was leaving 15 minutes later. we then got off the train (one stop early, whoops) and got on a double decker bus. yes my first ride on the wrong side of the road, it was very exciting. and we made it. as we were crossing the street almost to the church building we heard "BYU!!!" and turned and these cute old ladies were yelling out their cars. it was grand. and we felt that same hospitality the whole time we were there.

i met this way cute girl names, Isgard, who was from Germany and we talked and sat by each other for the first part of the day. she was amazing, she had just graduated college and had just upped and moved to london to look for a job and live with her brother. she was so sweet, and so cute, and i just adored her. also there was this adorable little girl, probably right around two, who was sitting with the lady next to me, and she kept me entertained. which makes me so excited to work in the primary and nursery. it will be grand.

i had to fight falling asleep in sunday school and sacrament, and unfortunately sleep won both times. but i made it through, and we ended up staying for choir practice. so by the time we got home from church we had been gone for 8 hrs. yes folks 4 hours traveling, 4 hours of church. but as long as it was i loved every moment of it. it was the first real sacrifice i had to make getting to church, and the travel gives plenty of time to get to know the people in our church group. its wonderful. i love them all, we have such a great group.

we got home and grabbed food, we now know that we need to bring a snack. talked with some girls and then i skyped with mi familia for mothers day. my mom has decided for mother's day she has decided to change her name to cate. after 60 years of going by cathy (which she isnt the biggest fan of) she decided to fulfill a life long dream of going by cate. i found this morally wrong. she is cathy, cath-a-der, she cant change her name. i dont think my mom was expecting my emphatic rejection to her name change, but no- not possible. talking was wonder. jonathan and chelsea are in town for mothers day so i got to talk to them and my parents, and james too. he is adorable.

later we had a fireside about london during wwII. it was absolutely fascinating. the man who talked to us had to evacuate with the children during the wars. hearing about how the children had to evacuate was heart breaking. i couldnt imagine saying goodbye to my children not knowing if i would live to see them again. after the fireside we had these delicious yogurt things for dessert, and then we worked on our scene we had to present tomorrow in class from little eagles.

sorry no pictures from today. but it was a wonderful wonderful sunday. but exhausting. happy sleeping.

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