Monday, May 23, 2011

laundry day. see you there. underthings tumbling.

the title of this blog is dedicated to Dr. Horrible.
if you have a free few hours where you are just as bored as can be. watch the whole thing. it is hysterical.

speaking of hysterical. welcome to class today. for some reason class was ridiculously funny today, and amazing. it started with speed dating for shakespeare. because we were talking about merchant of venice and portia has to deal with courting in the beginning part of the play. we talked about stereotypes and how the played into the comedy. second we learned about comedia del art, in talking about servant of two masters, and then came up with some on our own. basically it is improv using stock characters and adding slapstick humor to keep the audience entertained. everyone rocked it. i havent laughed that hard in a long time. there was one that did a skit of us trying to get somewhere in london, and the nailed it! they had the leader, the picture taker, the slow walker..everyone. it was amazing! to add to the comedy phil's chair was broken so he fell through chair...twice. and cali pulled the desk off her desk on accident. there was a lot a lot of laughter, which was perfect because it kept me awake.

also in class rodger showed this video- which is one of my absolute favorites...enjoy

after class was the much needed grocery shopping to fill our bare cupboards. smartest thing ever. take your backpack and huge purse so you dont have to carry plastic bags back.

it is amazing how time flies. by the time we came home, unpacked, ate, stalled taking a nap, and then took a much nap- it was five. our plan to be super productive and get a ton done was destroyed. but we did get our laundry done which was good. the laundry room is at metrogate so about a 10 minute walk away. cali and i used trash bags to hold our laundry and felt a little bit like santa.
you better watch out, you better not cry, santa clause is doing laundry
the creepy laundry room. yay for washing clothes.
while we waited for our laundry we worked on catching up on blogging and cali did homework. no worries my forearms started hurting from typing so much. getting behind is the worst. but i figured out how to fix the date so they arent all posted on may 23rd. as i was typing i was realizing just how much we did in italy! we were intense! it was great!

after laundry we came home and put it away- now it was around 8, and decided we wanted crepes. a group had gone to hampstead after class and gotten crepes at a place that is also just down the street from us, and were gushing about it- so we decided we should go (it was the same place we had gotten gelato a little bit ago). it was cali elly and i- and it was wonderful! I got a hazelnut crepe- surprise surprise! it was a nice fun activity for the night.

cali spilled her water- but i missed it and saw the soaking napkin and thought the cup was leaking.
while waiting for the check we played with the settings on my camera. cali is slowly realizing that cannon power shot it the way to go.
then home for more blogging and skyping. it was another late night, which doesnt help on the tired front- but it was grand. one day i will be caught up and it will be amazing.

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