Sunday, May 15, 2011

a work day of church.

today is as short a post as possible.

7 30. left for church.
8 15 got to victoria station. no trains going to stratford from victoria. got tickets from the stratford station is ilford. worker woman was rude and shhed mischa. not nice at all
8 45ish got to stratford station, just missed the train
9 10 got on train.
9 30. made it to church just in time
9 45. was asked to teach a primary lesson, that i got at 9 45. it was on the good samaritan, we acted it out, and the lesson wasnt awful, but wasnt the best.
11 30. spoke in sacrament. kind of scary. we were asked just to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies.
12 30. decided to stay for a "quick" choir practice.
2 00. choir practice finally ended. we were exhausted. sick of singing. and hungry. ellen switched to soprano to help even it out, leaving me and dezi on alto. ive never had to be so confident in my part. its awful.
3 30. finally make it back to the flat. mischa and i caught a bus from the tube station, and i have never been so happy in my life.
5 30. cali put in pizza (the gross kind)
5 37. knock on the door saying the pizza is burning.
5 40. begrudgingly eat gross pizza, and make amber, cami, and elly all help. amber shared a bite of her coconut ice cream bar. one word. amazing.
6 30. finish blog post from the day before. getting a day behind is the worst.
7 00. fireside at flat. LDS london theater people came and talked about what it is like to be mormon in theater and things they have experienced.
8 00. planned italy. for a long long time. bought tickets for vatican. got train tickets to sperlonga. was grumpy when people werent happy with what was planned. was sad i was grumpy.
12 30 skype
1 30 fall asleep while skyping

i will edit in more details later. oh yes and that it is 8 hours from the time we left for church to the time we got home. 

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