Wednesday, May 25, 2011

one man, two guvnors, five stars.

today i spent one hour at home. and that was to eat lunch. today. today was a good day.

it started with a morning jog in hyde park, a very early morning jog. as promised the day earlier- we woke up at 7 30 to run and do abs. ive never just wanted to crawl back into bed more in my life. it was so incredibly comfortable, and i was so incredibly tired. but mind over matter- and i had promised. so run we did. i felt like a 60 year old man as my back started aching along with my knees. no worries i aged 40 years over night. weird.

then it was back to the flat to get ready for the day. then off to class. it was another grand day of class. we talked about macbeth- and phil had some people act it out. we made a stage and he had someone flick the lights for thunder and lighting. it was a very intense improv show. but the witches did great. at another point during the class phil fell though his chair once again. we all died. his reaction was the funniest as he shouted and stood up and toss the part that fell towards the front of the room. so funny.

after class it was home for lunch. i love having food, and options for lunch- it is the bestest.

after lunch we headed out for Camden Market, which is basically a large flea market. i loved it. There were cute shirts/dresses galore. the only problem, they style is short dresses. meaning all the dresses were too short, but they looked like cute shirts- however trying them on they would be a little awkwardly long. but cali found a way cute shirt that is very very british- and i want to steal. i found a dress that was way cute, tried it on and it was a little too short. but magic trick, you can untie the bottom part and vwlah it was perfect. being there reminded me a little bit of italy. they were all very eager to sell to you, but it meant you could haggle them down. the dress i got was originally 35, but i didnt want to pay more than 20. i told him that and the haggling started. i didnt follow the "go lower" trick because i felt if i started at 15 he would have said no right off the bat, but i held strong to my 20 and he eventually came down. the only problem was i had just gone to the atm and gotten money, so when i was getting out money to pay him he saw the cash i had and started wanting more. i felt awful, but i told him that the dress wasnt worth more than 20 to me and that the money had to last me the week.

so many cute things at camden, so many pushing vendors. how does one stay sane?
embarassing story. as we were going to camden, at the tube stop, when i put my wallet away i completely missed my purse. the bad part- i didnt realize it. luckily a nice man behind me flagged me down. it would have been awful, especially because it had the money i had just withdrawn and my card. i thanked him profusely feeling like such a tourist, and im pretty sure he thought i was crazy.

after we had wandered around most of the market we decided we wanted to go to primark where the prices are lower, and there is no one haggling you to buy things. lauren (roommate) had told us of a less busy primark so we thought we would go and try it out. we got directions from her, and casmin decided she wanted to come along too. on our way out of the market though we came along a booth that was selling pictures of london 3 for 4 pounds. so cheap. so we sat there deciding what one we wanted, and were going to try to get a 4 for something deal- when i decided i wanted 3 to display together in my future home. that it would look better that way. we all ended up buying three that day. it was grand.

primark was wonderful, it really was less busy. a lot less busy. you could actually move around and try things on. miracle. i ended up buying three new scarfs. making my total for the trip 5 new ones. my scarfs take up half my closet. it is a little ridiculous- but i love them all. i couldnt decide which one to put back, and they were so cheap.

after primark we headed straight to the national to see one man, two guvnors. on the way we stopped and got pastys for dinner to eat on the tube ride over there. i stuck with what i got the time before, a chicken balti, it is just soo delicious. i tend to be scared to branch out once i find something i like, because i dont want to be sad i didnt get the thing i got last time. its like at cafe rio. i have never gotten anything besides the pork salad because it is sooo good.

on the train with spoils of the day and yummy pastys
chicken balti- i know it looks weird, but so so good. with potatoes, and chicken, and indian spices. yum.
she is adorable. needless to say.
elly looking at all her cute clothes. thank you primark for being cute and very very affordable.
walking to the national from the tube stop we came across an outdoor used book sale. it was fun to just quickly look, and talk with rodger and claudia.
as for one man two guvnors. it was hysterical. and i mean hysterical. i dont think i have laughed that hard at a show in my life. the whole thing was a bunch of slap stick humor- with people falling down stairs, stereotypes galore, an old man who shook carrying soup, francis eating a letter he was so hungry...and the list goes on and on. my favorite thing was that they broke the fourth wall. they had little side comments to the audience all the time. at one point the main character francis asks if anyone in the audience had a sandwich. at first everyone was quiet, but he continued- "no, really, does anyone have anything- im starving" eventually two people spoke up- one had sushi, and one actually had a sandwich. he was shocked that someone had a sandwich. it was great. he also brought two people on stage to help him carry a suitcase. and then at the end of act one he made a girl hold a pot of soup he was going to eat- he then brought her on stage and it was the funniest thing ive ever seen. he would make her hide behind a cricket player cut out, and then at one point forced her under the tab. the first act ends with her getting a pitcher of water thrown on her and then fire extinguishered. i was dying. and freaking out all at the same time. we found out she was a plant which made it a little less funny, but still hysterical! i wish i could write down everything i remembered about the show as to never forget a single moment of it but alas- i cannot.

elly, me, cali, and casmin before the show.
outside the national before the show. they had these huge green furniture things. they were so so  cool.
favorite line. well one of them. probably not the best. but in talking about a man who presumely died but then was alive again- they were stating there disbelief. francis response. he did it in two day, thats one day better than the previous record. oh brother i died.

favorite memory of the night. end of intermission. the skiffle band was playing and we all got up and danced. we have skill, can i just say. it was a hoot and a holler. i think everyone around must have thought we were all drunk, and the band was incredibly entertained by us. but it was perfect. scary moment was when i couldnt remember how the peanut butter jelly efy dance started. i need to brush up my dance skills. oooo other grand moment of the show- the skiffle bad was playing during a scene change and the 'actor' (he was the sterotypical actor- wore all black, posed everywhere, quoted shakespeare) came on stage with a wrap around shirt and all of a sudden opened his shirt and started playing his belly and chest. oh brother. i died. shoot i did that a lot it sounds like. but so so funny.

dancing at the national. even phil and delys were up clapping their hands.
then it was home for homework, skyping with the family (ps. can i just say i love my parents so so much. they are the bestest. and talking to them always makes me so happy. they are the bestest) and then sleep. oh how i love sleep.

we were pooped from a long exciting day- sleep time on the tube.
except when they catch you trying to take a picture and then cant stop laughing so you can actually get the picture. it was so funny.  
amberly- my traveling buddy on the tube, and helper for catching cali and elly sleeping.

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