Saturday, May 21, 2011


dear italy. im sick of blogging about you. this will be told via pictures. captions. and short tidbits. unless i get a random burst of motivation.
we checked out of our hostel. and got some pictures on the way down. i couldnt find me return bus ticket. which was the saddest thing ever.
we then made out way to the borghese gallery. it was an adventure getting there as there were no direct roads there. but we made it right on time.
we walked up and saw phil and rodger and it was a joyous reunion. it felt like seeing your parents after being away from them for forever. they are the sweetest.
Delys was wonderful and had gotten the reservation for us. we had to check our bags and the bag check lady was the grumpiest. the gallery itself was wonderful. they only allow around 300 people in at a time and the reservation is for 2 hrs. then they clear it all out and the next group comes in. it was perfect, it wasnt crowded at all, and you had enough time to see everything. at one point i was the only one in the davids room so i was able to just look at bernini's david and really focus on the detail. it was amazing.
this was my favorite sculptue. its by Bernini and called Apollo and Daphne. the detail was impeccable. and was absolutely beautiful. it tells the story of the two and depicts the moment that Daphne begins to turn into a Laurel Tree. ahh gorgeous.
after that cali and i separated from the group because we had a later flight. rodger and phil were grand and let us break the three person rule so we didnt have to wait in the airport for hours on end.

we made out way to the spanish steps and then to find a delicious place to eat one last time. but it was way confusing how to get there as we were on the other side of rome and the roads didnt have sidewalks. we met a group of older Americans who were trying to get there too- we went and asked directions and found there was a cool underground tunnel thing that took us right to it. we had gone back to tell our american friends but they were gone, but we ran into them in the tunnels. it was grand, and they were the sweetest. we made it to the spanish steps and it was beautiful and then kept walking towards the pantheon. 

we then got yummy yummy lunch. it was a deal where you got a drink, bruchetta, and a meal, for only 12ish euros. i dont remember exactly.
where did we eat you ask? oh yes that is the pantheon right there. no worries. right outside the pantheon. hello beautiful view.
we got delicious lemon soda which was like lemonade but on crack- not real crack- but it was delicous
cali captured this great moment of pouring the soda into the glass. they are so formal here. states- i would so drink it out of  bottle- here they poor it into a pretty glass with ice.
the bruschetta was delicious. but not as good as the first night
i had a very hard time eating it. it was the trickiest. cali made it look so easy. i think more tomatoes ended up on my plate than in my mouth. devil.
continuing on the pictures of food theme. this was the yummy lasagna i got. yum. cali got a pesto dish that the waitress recommended and loved it. her love for pesto is the bestest.

we then went to the best gelato place in all of rome. our hostel worker lady had recommended it as well and rodger and phil. and it was right near the pantheon. and it was recommended for a reason. holy hannah.
most amazing gelato. story time. at this point i had 11 euros left. i needed 4 for the bus back, leaving me 7 euros. cali was all out of euros- she rocked at life. so i was going to buy here gelato for her. two options a small for 2.50 or a medium (with the chocolate cone) for 3.50. you do the math. we got the mediums. fast forward to getting the bus ticket. surprise. no longer four (as it was advertised on the brochure they gave me and what we paid the first time) it is now 6. devil. so instead of being left with 0 euros i was left with 18. it was the saddest.
seriously though- if you are ever in italy go to the giolitti. soo good! 
we ate our gelato on the move- and on our way back to the train station to catch the bus to the airport. we decided on our way home we should walk by the colesseum one last time. and see the roman forum and palatine hill- even if just from the road. it was still breath taking.

while walking i realized just how grateful i was for our private room, because it meant we could leave our stuff at the hostel. the backpack was heavy and very very hot.
loading up on aloe before getting to the airport in fear it wouldnt get through security. miracles of miracles. it did

we made it to the airport with pleanty of time to spare. security is extremely fast in europe so that whole two hours early thing. not needed. so we spent the time looking through pictures. all 800 plus of them...
i blew on cali's legs for her to help with the sunburn. im not sure how much it helped, but it was worth a try. that is true friendship.
 the plane ride was great. we got merchant of venice and flare path finished. and took naps. i was in the middle seat, and my head bobbing almost got me in trouble, as i woke up as i was putting my head on the italian man sitting next to me's shoulder. i immediately changed it to cali's and he started talking to me and saying it was okay and other such things but i pretended to still be asleep. soo embarassing.

we made it back to london, and rushed to get to customs as to avoid the line. cali hated me for making her climb stairs with her sunburn rather than ride the very slow escalator. we got to customs and no worries- waited there for forever. there was only one guy working non EU passports and there was a person with an issue. it was the saddest, but we eventually made it through. funny story: while walking out we saw a mom dragging her probably two year old son behind her- his pants were around his ankles. i couldnt help but smile, and wonder what her day had been like, where they were off to, etc.

we found the bus that would take us back to london and bought tickets with three minutes to spare before the next one left. we ran and as we did so the worker dude shut the gate and waved goodbye to the bus- then looked at us and smiled. complete joke. completely terrifying. we made it onto the bus with a minute to spare- and then got to sit for the hour and a half ride back to london.
it gave us time to finish up the last little bit of reading, and for the first time in my life i got motion sickness- it was the weirdest, and  kind of exciting.
we got off before victoria station at marble arch with the idea of catching a bus back. we went to the stop and watched as the bus we needed drove past. twice. we then went to the next stop, where we learned that you had to flag down the buses. by this point our feet hurt, we were exhausted, hungry, and just wanted to get home. i have never been so happy to get on a bus. the bus driver probably thought we were crazy for being so excited to see him.

we got home and had a wonderful reunion with the rest of the crew- hearing about their adventures and other grand stories. it was sad to leave italy, but nice to get back to a real bed, and london.

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