Monday, May 2, 2011

To Love Another Person Is To See The Face Of God

oh another beautiful day in london.

the seven o'clock run did not happen this morning. unfortunately, but fortunately, we roommates (Cali, Lauren, Elly, and I) love each other and can talk it was finally 2 by the time we called it a night. so five hours later when the alarm went off a fun grunting conversation went on between Cali and I, and the alarm was changed to 30 minutes before class started. But saddest story ever, Amberly had gotten up to go with us (the first time anyone took us up on our offer and it was the one day we didnt go..bahumbug) and ended up going by herself and got really sick on her run and no one was there with her. We felt awful when we found out- so never again will we say we are going and not go.

class was wonderful. i didnt fall asleep, and felt like i had things to contribute. I love theater, but I sometimes feel like I like it at face value rather than analyzing what is happening, especially when it comes to shakespeare. but as i mentioned before i found the character of helena in all's well fascinating. however, i had a coughing attack during class. I had one last night at 2 30, but i got up drank some juice, and was able to stop and fall asleep. but water didnt do the trick in class and after five minutes of my pathetic coughs our teacher stopped class to check on me. embarassing? yes. but i was able to mind over matter it, and make the coughing stop. phew.

after class we came back and got ready for an afternoon run, we couldn't just not go. but unfortunately we forgot our cameras and we were so sad because the park was absolutely beautiful today and there were so many moments i wished i could have captured on film, but i guess i will just have to try to use my words to describe it.

beautiful things in the park
1. the path of gardens- when we first went into the park we took a different route and passed through the gardens. there were little black iron fences on either side with beautiful flowers and bushes on either side with beautiful trees canopying over us. oo and there was one tree that literally makes a little i have a picture of this one from yesterday- to give you and idea...

2. paddle boats on the river- at one point we ran along the run the river at it was a picturesque spring day. because today was a bank holiday everyone was at the park, and there were paddle boats all on the river. cali and i will go back sometime and experience the joy of the paddle boats
3. the princess diana memorial fountain- there is a fountain which is not like your normal spouty fountain but rather is like a little oval cement bound river- if that makes any sense. but it was filled with children and people wadding in it and i was so tempted to stop running take off my socks and shoes and going wade through fountain with everyone. it just looked like such a perfect moment, all the families and laughing children were perfect.
4. the peter pan statue- we finally went and saw the peter pan statue! it was just as grand as i expected to be. it is right by the river and is once again so picturesque. we have decided that the next time we are reading and the park we will read with peter and the rest of the lost boys.

after our run we came back and were responsible. lame right? but we worked on some homework. but we had the excitement of a show getting us through writing our performance review of the tempest.

this is random. but every time we got on the tube at glochester i see this and i really want to read it. oh marriage and family major. mom, a birthday idea.

what is the show you ask- LES MISERABLES. 

my toms and the les mis sidewalk medallion outside the ticket office.

yes the day has finally come where i was able to watch it professionally done. Les mis has been one of my favorite scores since i can remember. the songs touch my heart. I dreamed a dream, a little fall of rain, a heart full of love, one day more, the finale....ahh they are all so good! can i just say how much i love student rush prices. we went for a mere 27.50 pounds. but to be honest i was a little disappointed with the vocals. i just have grown up listening to the songs and watching the anniversary concerts- which are the best of the best- but they were still grand...and eponine stole the show! she was amazing! but i forget what a depressing show it is. literally everyone you love dies minus marius and cosette. it just makes me the saddest.

the group of us before the show (me, cali, amy, elly, and cami)

but a random thing while at the show- at intermission cali spotted the mom from "Seventeen Again" we arent positive if it was here but it looked just like her. oh celebrity sightings how i love thee.

but on a happier note- before the show we went to mcdonals...yes folk thats right we came all the way to london to go to mcdonalds. but it was for a good reason. cadbury cream egg mcflurries...thats right, we didnt hold out very long. we got them tonight. but i was shocked at how big the mcdonalds was. two stories, and there was no pace to sit because it was so full. in provo they are always empty but let me tell ya, in europe mcdonalds is a hoppin place.

yay mcflurries. 

doesnt that look scrumptious.
after the show was also an adventure. it was around 10 30 when the show was done and oh boy did people want us to go clubbing. its because we are the cutest. haha. but we walked as though we were on the most intense mission ever but it didnt work. i was leading the group and my legs were going super sonic speed, and i got really good at saying "no" "nope" "sorry no thank you" or just ignoring them. i know i shouldnt have found it exciting, but it kind of was a fun game telling them all no.

this is my adorable friend cali. this is why i adore her so. yep its official shes my favorite.

but tomorrow is the british library and national portrait gallery. im pumped

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