Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the most beautiful day evvvvverrrr

the city of london has nothing on the country.

not a thing.

today we went to the temple which was out near Kent, and it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. we were originally supposed to take a coach but the reservation got lost so we had an adventure with the train and taxis, and it was wonderful. the train was wonderful because it gave us all some time to just talk. i was sitting with cali, cami, elly, tiffany, chelsey, lauren, and ashlee. i loved hearing about their lives, and funny things that had happened to them. the taxi was a little scary because of driving on the wrong side, or the left side, of the road. as soon as we arrived at the temple i just felt so at peace. my mind was clear, the air was clean, and the sky was perfectly blue. we did baptisms and then ate in the cafeteria, where they have a french chef. it was delicious, and cheap, which is always a plus. and then we spent some time walking around the grounds. the grounds were gorgeous. cami and i decided that we never wanted to leave. i could have spent all day walking around and would have loved ever minute. so we told rodger we werent going back and were just going to stay there forever. his response, "okay, what should i tell your parents" it was tempting, but the program is just to grand to not stay with.

waiting at the train station
these two ducks were my favorite. they were so beautiful and always stayed together. eternal marriage? i think so
the grounds were stunning, and a perfect place for wedding or engagement pictures. cami and i were practicing for when we come back with our soon-to-be husbands.

There were flower bushes everywhere, and everything was so vibrant. 
london, england temple.
cali and i.

when we got home naps were the first thing on the agenda. i hadnt gotten to bed until after 2 30 and we had to be ready by 8 30 this morning. i was out like a light, and felt like i had been hit by a double-decker bus when it was time to get up. then it was off to see war horse.

on the way to the show we decided to take the stairs. there were 193 spiral stairs. we were dying by the time we got to the top. happy work out for the day.

outside the show. the show was on drurey lane, aka where the muffin man lives!
lauren, me, and amberley at the show. we were so excited to see the horse puppets in action.

the show was wonderful. it tell the story of joey, a horse, who ends up being in WWII and his owner Albert. Albert raised the horse and they had a "special" (for lack of a better way of saying it) bond, that was so touching. however, Albert's father sells him to the army, and Albert ends up sneaking into the army as a 16 year old to try to find his horse. but the most amazing part were the puppets they used for the horses. the horses were so life like, they had three people operating the puppets and had everything down perfect from the noises of the horse, to the flick of its tail, to even just breathing. it was insane.

an example of the horses
it was a hard show to watch, in the sense that it took a lot emotionally. the war was dark, and depressing. it was called a musical, but it is not your stereotypical musical. it was not happy and light like legally blonde, or have a ton of singing like les mis. i would almost call it a play enhanced by music because it wouldn't be the main characters singing song but rather folk songs being sung in the background. but by the end of the show i was emotionally drained. im not one who normally cries at shows (surprising because i cry at almost everything else) but i was bawling at the end. i had to control myself in order to not draw attention. the show was very well done, and the puppeteering was probably one of the most amazing things i had ever seen.
a trailer for the show

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